Phone screen problems? Get yours repaired today


Sometimes the screen of your phone can make having a phone rather hectic. You struggle to use it when the screen is cracked, the touchscreen doesn’t work or you can’t fix the zoom. Don’t worry because we offer you the solutions to your problems.

Damaged Phone Screens

A cracked phone screen affects your ability to connect with social, business, and entertainment interests. It is important to have your data backed up before going for a screen repair. A hard reset will wipe out all the data on your phone. A phone screen repair is essential to ensure your phone is in perfect working condition.

Screen Problems

1. Vertical lines are observed on the screen

When your phone takes a hard fall, it gets damaged. The fall may damage the liquid crystal display or the ribbon cables may bend.

2. Frozen screen

This is common when your phone is old or when you’ve run out of storage space. For older phones, you can try restarting your phone or removing the battery then putting it back in before restarting. For newer phones, a soft reset is done. This is achieved by pressing down the volume button and the power button for around 10 seconds.

3. Flickering screen

This problem can be caused by software, app, or just when your phone is damaged.

4. Dark screen

This shows your phone has a hardware issue. Sometimes a software crash can cause your phone to freeze and turn dark.

5. Screen glitches

Touch screen works by sensing the part of the screen touched then taking the necessary action. The common cause of a screen glitch is a crack in the touch digitizer. This is solved by replacing the screen of your phone.

Screen repair

Warranty/insurance repair

If the phone had a warranty, the repair can be free or at a reduced price. For specific pricing and terms, check the insurance policy and the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties may not cover accidental damage and a cracked screen is under this category.

Manufacturer repair

You can send your phone to the manufacturer to repair it. The charges may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your phone.

On-site repair

This involves taking your phone to a local cell phone repair in Brooklyn. This is a quick repair option for a cracked screen problem.

Mail-in repair

The damaged phone is mailed to a screen repair company. It is fixed then returned to you in good working condition.

Do-it-yourself repair

This is when you repair or replace your cracked screen. This is the fastest way to fix your phone screen problems. The level of difficulty varies depending on the phone’s model. This involves:

  • Buying a new screen
  • Disassembling your phone.
  • Swapping the screens.
  • Reassembling the phone.


Dealing with a cracked screen can be very frustrating. This limits what you can do and when you can use your phone. It is important to be mindful of some facts before having your screen repaired. To avoid further damage and risks, have a reputed mobile repair shop or manufacturer do the fix.

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