Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning vs DIY Carpet Cleaner Machine Rental


Cleaning your carpet is one of the most important tasks property owners have to deal with. It requires professionalism, dedication, and willingness to get the job done so you have clean and fresh carpets for your family can enjoy.

Here’s a look at what it means to go with a professional deep steam cleaning service versus a DIY carpet cleaner machine you can pick up at the local store as a rental.

Hiring a Professional Deep Steam Cleaning Company

1. Years of Expertise

By choosing a professional cleaning company like Fantastic Cleaners for carpet cleaning services, you are putting your carpet in the hands of someone that has seen it all before. They are going to have years of experience doing what they do best and that expertise is invaluable. It’s something you are never going to have as a property owner until you are a carpet cleaning technician yourself.

A lot of people ignore this part of the process but the experience is just as important as anything else. Someone that has seen it all and knows what issues can arise during carpet cleaning is worth paying for.

If you want your carpet to be cleaned thoroughly, it makes sense to go to someone that has the ability to make appropriate decisions on the right method to use based on their experience.

2. Professional-Grade Results

What is the one thing you are going to want more than anything else?

You will want a solution that looks the part and leaves your carpet better than it was before. As that’s what most people wants. If you are leaving a rental property you might even have a clause in your contract that mentions you need to get a professional company to clean the carpet before handing over the keys.

Professional-grade results are a must and it starts here with a viable solution. You will be left with something that is going to look impressive from top to bottom and lasts for a while to come. This is what a quality company is able to bring to the table.

3. Licensed and Insured

There are many positives associated with a professional carpet cleaning company and one of them has to do with licensing. Picking a company with the appropriate insurance and licenses to work on your carpet is a must.

This covers you if something goes wrong but the other good reason you want this is that the results you will get will line up with your expectations. Generally, companies that are bonded, licensed and insured need to complete work at a specific level to keep their licenses and insurance. So it’s almost a way to filter out bad companies.

There is no reason to go ahead with a company that isn’t certified because the results will never be as good as they can be. A licensed and insured company will always know what to do and isn’t going to cut corners when it’s time to get down to work.

4. Safer

You are able to go with a carpet cleaning company that is fully vetted and has been used by other people in the past. The carpet cleaning company has a reputation to maintain. Just look at Dynamik Carpet Cleaning for example. They have been in business since the early 1990s and have cleaned thousands of carpets. When a company is close to 30 years old they are very experienced. They won’t damage your carpet from using the wrong method and have a reputation to uphold.

This is a valuable point to consider when looking to get your carpets cleaned. Using a trustworthy operation is a must. There is no reason to go with a company that is going to waste time or isn’t going to apply safe methods when it is time to clean.

The best way to ensure you pick a safe company is to make sure you go with a company that has been in business for at least 10 years.

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Carpet Cleaning with DIY Carpet Cleaner Machine Rental

1. Fully Controlled

The first advantage of going with a DIY carpet cleaner machine rental has to do with the amount of control you are going to have. A company isn’t going to allow you to go through each part of the property on your own. They are going to follow a set standard and that’s how they are going to approach the task.

This is why people like the idea of being able to get their own machine as they know their own property and what needs to be cleaned. This control is a plus point to many people that like to control the cleaning.

2. Rental Prices

Another positive in considering rentals has to do with how much you’re going to get hit for cash wise. It’s much cheaper to rent a machine like a Rug Doctor compared to hire a professional.

For some, this is a good option as it can save them a bit of money. However, it also brings along a lot of extra work that has to go into finding a good rental machine and then using it for cleaning purposes. It’s important to keep this in mind before moving ahead.

Final Thoughts – The Verdict

In the end, it’s always going to come down to that peace of mind and knowing the job will be done properly.

Taking a risk with a renting a machine is never the way to go and is only going to increase the risk of something going wrong. Unless you have experience doing this. This is why it’s highly recommended that property owners go with a professional deep steam cleaning service as it will ensure results.

There’s no reason to go with a solution that isn’t going to work out as well as you want it to. By choosing a professional company, you are eliminating any risk associated with damaging your carpets hiring a machine.

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