Reason why people are crazy about new toyota cars


After homes, a car is the biggest purchase for most people. As vehicles are getting too expensive, these days, it is important to choose a brand the serves your needs, meets reliability and durability. Keeping this in mind, car owners prefer to flow with the trend of buying new Toyota cars at Droom whenever they’re in need of a luxurious and affordable vehicle. Amazingly, Toyota breaks its own record when it comes to production. One of the prominent reasons behind this is constant innovation in the models. As per record, Toyota manufactured 10 million cars in a single year to meet market demands. This makes Toyota, one of the automakers that exceed client expectations.

The brand Toyota is also known for its sales records. Considering the worldwide graph, over 40 million models of the Toyota Corolla has been sold. Recently, the company earned over $260 billion from the global automobile market. Eyeing only the Indian statistics, the marketplace has received the latest generation of Toyota Camry. The model is overloaded with new features and utmost comfort. Apart from Camry, some of the other popular models in India are Fortuner, Yaris, and Glanza. These models keep competing against each in terms of sales and production records to meet customer demands. Buy new Toyota cars only from authorized dealers to meet specific features from the latest models. 

 1. The sources of popularity

Toyota models are known for their durability and quality. As per the study, almost 80 percent of Toyota’s are still on the roads which were purchased 20 years back. This puts your mind at rest knowing the term of durability achieved from the automakers. To the added advantage, reputed car dealers sometimes offer discounts and exceptional financing options to prevent the pinch-pocket feeling from the customer end. 

2. Toyota has the highest resale value

As per Indian norms, car owners usually sell their car after a period of 15 years due to the re-registration process. When it comes to Toyota, car owners will have the bliss of handsome resale value. Toyota has continued to maintain the reputation of manufacturing high-quality vehicles to meet durability and reliability. This is the reason, last year they earned the best resale value and it was consecutively the third time in a row. This indicates, people can also choose to trade with used models of Toyota. When doing this, make sure to choose a trustworthy online source that provides an array of distinctive options over Toyota car models.

3. The importance of safety

It has been noticed, people spend more time in their car when comparing to previous days. Naturally, they demand increased safety from the vehicles. This is where Toyota models come into play. Most of the models come with TSS – Toyota Safety Sense to keep the occupants protected while travelling. This feature contains a bundle of safety measurements without any additional cost. Different safety features are included based on the model type. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Pro-Collision System
  • DRCC – Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • LTA – Lane Tracking Assist
  • AHB – Automatic High Beams
  • Road Sign Assist

4. 4WD/AWD Vehicles

In the automotive industry, none of the brands meets the number-counts of 4WD and AWD offered by Toyota. Also, with some of the top designs, these features blend uniquely to make the driving experience amazing. Every year, Toyota achieves most industry accolades due to extensive lineups of the vehicles. One of the most notable parts is, they continue to serve people with some of the top innovations. The inception of Prius can be a prominent example for us. People love buying Toyota models as the brand has strived to be the leader from the perspective of economic value, efficiency, and quality.

5. The new generation of Toyota hybrid cars are in the news 

Just not traditional petrol and diesel models but also the new generation of the hybrid model of Toyota is getting increasing attention from the buyers. People are now more concerned about nature and biodiversity. With the application of the most modern technology, Toyota Vellfire Hybrid has reduced carbon emission drastically. 

Toyota is looking to make its vehicles cheaper in India considering the highly competitive market. Due to the different taxation policies and regulations, it is pivotal for automakers to meet customer demands without compromising the performance. With the help of some of the best car dealers in our country, Toyota cars on-road price is significantly lesser when comparing to other brands. Toyota vehicles can meet the diverse needs of the customers including the of the comforts on the road. 

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