Roadmap to a Healthy Divorce


A roadmap to a healthy divorce might be the answer you were looking for, now that you have gone through a divorce. But to avoid any conflicts in the future, make sure to consult a reputable divorce attorney to guide you in the whole process of legally dissolving your marriage.

Divorce is something that you cannot move on to so easily. Especially when your emotions and your kids are involved. You might go blaming yourself or your partner for your failed marriage. You may get stressed about how to make your kids understand when you are also baffled by your situation. It could be mentally stressful dealing with issues like splitting finances and custody. If you need divorce lawyer in Klang Valley, you can contact us at for divorce law consultation.

Dealing with friends or families that can get affected by your situation can also worsen your mental state. But you can withstand all those with some life hacks that we’ll be sharing with you!

Indeed, moving on from a divorce is not easy. But if you follow these perfect steps, eventually, you will be able to handle your situation. So, here is your roadmap to a healthy divorce.

Handle Emotions When Communicating

The main key to having a healthy divorce is when you know how to handle your emotions. Having negative emotions is something that you cannot avoid in your situation. You may feel a mix of different emotions like anger, sadness, grief, or anxiety. You may even feel guilty after everything that happened. But you need to know how to handle them to not make your situation worse.

When you need to talk to your ex-spouse about your divorce, try to act as professional as possible. You can communicate with them but limit your emotions to make the process of moving on easier. Set aside your anger for a while especially when you are together with your kids. If you are still having a hard time controlling your emotions, it would be better to not communicate with your ex-partner yet. You can also try to seek a therapist to assist you with your emotional struggles. They will guide you on how to respond properly to your emotions.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Dealing with divorce may exhaust you physically and mentally. The best way to combat exhaustion is to make time for yourself. Even if you have kids to look out for, learn to prioritize your own time as well. Try to do some meditation, read a book, or get a massage. If you think you do not have much time or resources, a simple warm bath will help.

If you think you need more time to be alone, do so. You can take a solo vacation where you can take your time to relax. Treat yourself and give yourself a break from the situation. Do some recreational activities that will help divert your attention away from the issues even for one day. And if you feel like sleeping the whole day, you may do so. As long as you know how to gather yourself up the next day and refocus your attention on your kids and your situation.

Acknowledge that getting into divorce may give you a feeling of loss. So, allow yourself time to heal from the situation. As much as possible avoid getting into the blaming game. Accept the fact that everything that is happening to you can be inevitable sometimes. Blaming each other for what happened will never help in dealing with your situation in a healthy way. And if you feel like crying, do so. Allow yourself to grieve and acknowledge your emotions. This will help you deal with your situation easier.

Seek for Help From Friends, Family, or Therapist

Seeking help from others when you think you need it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength since you know how to acknowledge your needs. As much as possible, try to keep good company and talk about your feelings to someone you can trust. Talk to your close friends or family members.

If you feel uncomfortable talking with your acquaintances, ask for a therapist’s help. They can guide you when you think you can’t deal with your situation in a healthy way. If for example, you are still having difficulties expressing yourself, try to write them in a journal. Let it be your outlet for unexpressed emotions.

Guide Your Children When Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Your situation can have a great impact on your kids, so you have to be strong for them. Try to be with them and explain to them the situation. Do not take on one side when explaining the separation. It would be better if you tell them that the divorce is a decision both you and your partner have come up with. Your children might blame themselves for the separation. So, explain to them carefully that no one is to blame for the divorce.

You may also let your children talk to the therapists. Like you, they also need guidance when it comes to dealing with their emotions. Do not restrain them if they want to express their feelings to you. If for example, they get angry at you, do not fight back their anger. Instead, talk to them, ask them what made them feel what they feel. Remember that having healthy communication within the family will help each of you to conquer the situation.

Setting Goals for The Future

Moving on and starting up again is not a one-time process. It will take you time to process everything and to get yourself back on track. But now that you are divorced, put in mind that your life is going to be different from before. Take it as a new opportunity for you to start anew by setting up new goals for the future. You can make a list of things that you want to do. Try to be as positive as possible with your goals. Do not hurry when it comes to achieving your goals, Instead, get them one at a time. Do not pressure yourself, but make yourself enjoy every step that you take to accomplish your goals.


Dealing with divorce can take a toll on our being and on the way we live our lives. In cases where you are able to have an uncontested divorce this may be a sign that your ex-spouse can co-parent with you effectively. But the most important thing is that you know how to gather yourself up and deal healthily with your divorce. Follow the roadmap above to help you get that healthy divorce process that you desire. And if you need some legal help with your divorce, The Divorce Lawyer Malaysia is here to help you. Visit our website at for divorce law consultation.

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