Sergey Tokarev: Areas where AI makes for the better


The hype created around the business circles is related to the use of AI and its impact on the IT industry at large. There are two opposite opinions about AI development. The first one states that this is great progress, while the second notes a big risk for creative professionals to lose their careers. Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner at Roosh and Reface investor, offers another perspective on this situation and notes experts can benefit from AI’s tools.

Previously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was aimed to develop to simplify monotonous human work. It is a good instrument for systemizing and analyzing data, increasing the speed of data transmission and processing. But no one could ever imagine how far this development could go. Today, AI technology can generate informative content and creative images, keep a human-like conversation, etc. Such a breakthrough has worried many creative professionals about their place on the market.

Sergey Tokarev notes that there is nothing much to worry about. Instead of considering how to keep their seat in the company, experts should learn how to use AI services to improve productivity. People should accept AI not as an enemy but as another handy tool to enhance their skills.

“Look at GPT-4, Dalle-E, and Midjourney from this angle and you’ll see that AI is actually a complement to human intelligence, not a replacement. The artist does not just invent an image in their head, they describe it for themselves and, if necessary, can transfer this description to the text,” explains the Reface investor.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the amount of data is constantly growing and people are not able to handle it in a short period. Here is where AI helps manage them faster and save time processing them. The tool is also good for generating details so an expert can use it to build full-fledged work. Therefore, Tokarev defines a few areas where AI can be helpful and improve workflow.


Millions of people do search in Google or other search engines according to their purpose. AI does this work excellently. It searches and selects trusted sites with reviews in order to draw a table with all possible options and bring up the best solution for you.


There is a routine part of work, and why not delegate it to an assistant? AI is a good option in this case. It can learn only from your data and write and send messages on your behalf.


One of the greatest benefits of AI is its capability to manage various amounts of information. When it comes to lawyers, GPT can replace them as it can analyze tons of legal documents and reproduce the requested result in seconds.


Sergey Tokarev underlines that It is impossible to personalize information for each student for a teacher. At the same time, an AI algorithm can adapt the student’s habits and present information in the right way for a particular audience.

Support services

This area can be simplified with the help of AI. The algorithms can answer questions about a service or product much faster. They also can use a voice option. Soon it will be difficult to understand where a human or AI is talking to you.

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