Signs of a competent injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale


When dealing with a personal injury claim in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Florida, you should seek legal help. There are multiple things to manage, from collecting evidence to completing the insurance process, and without experience or expertise, the process can be challenging. If you are hiring a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, how do you know if they are the right fit? Check for the signs below!

  • They are quick to respond: Time is everything when it comes to personal injury claims, and if you don’t act immediately, you will lose evidence. If you find an attorney who is quick to respond and offers a consultation session soon after your call or email, you know they are responsible and interested.
  • They answer your questions: Many questions related to personal injuries are often repetitive, but good lawyers know that clients don’t understand legal complexities. With a competent attorney, you will get answers, even when your questions are banal. They will hear your concerns and address each aspect.
  • They don’t demand an upfront fee: An injury lawyer usually works on contingency, which is true for all cases, including car accidents and dog bites. If you come across a law firm that wants immediate money for consultation or to start work on the case, do not hire them. However, always have a fair word about the contingency percentage.
  • They have trial experience: Personal injury lawsuits don’t always end up in court. Litigation is complex and expensive, but you can never be sure whether your case would require a trial. If you find lawyers well-versed in trials and can handle the case before a judge, prefer them over others.
  • They are brutal and honest: A qualified and experienced attorney will never give false hope. They will never sugarcoat the possible outcomes and offer a fair overview of your legal options. If you like how an attorney communicates and how they deal with serious things, you can rely on their expertise.
  • They have great reviews: While any lawyer can claim great things about their work, you have to check what clients have to say. Besides references, you can also find reviews on Google and other legal sites. If you find great ratings and positive feedback from most clients, you know the lawyer can deliver results.

Find a local personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale today and schedule your meeting to understand their profile and work better. 

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