Stop Speed Wobbles With Simple Steps – Enjoy Your Longboarding Ride Safe


A deadly speed wobbles. Have you heard about this word?

Learning on how to ride a longboard is fun but risky at times. You may argue that longboarding is just like learning how to stand on a longboard properly and keep your balance when running.

It is true but not enough.

For the beginners of longboarding, the speed wobbles are really challenging.

It occurs when the longboard reaches higher speeds, making the board shake or osculate. As a result, everything is out of your control.

Once you think you have mastered the skills of longboarding, then the speed wobbles may happen and knock you down in seconds.

It suddenly hit you so fast and you end up flying off the longboard without knowing what happened.

What actually causes speed wobbles?

The most major reason is due to the actions of the rider. When there are small imperfections, inexperienced longboarders try to compensate or correct which makes the problem worse.

This article is going to help you stop speed wobbles. Don’t worry.

1. Tighten The Trucks

The first option on how to stop speed wobbles is to tighten the trucks.  The aim of tightening the trucks is making the back truck take more speed.

However, on the downside, the board will take turn harder and there is no way to avoid it.

2. Lower Angle Baseplate

Adjusting angle baseplate is seen as the next thing you can do to stop speed wobbles on a longboard.

Set it at a lower angle to slow down the speed of the deck and reduce your center of gravity.

As a result, the longboard will take more speed to wobble. However, you also turn harder after doing this trick.

3. Make The Longer Wheel Base

The longer wheel base also helps you reduce the risk of speed wobbles. You can do this solution in two ways.

The first one is to buy a long board and the second one is to adjust the wheels at the further position on your current longboard.

The longer wheel base solution works but it is not a perfect solution.

You may face difficulty in turning longboard.

4. Use Your Riding Skills

Another method on how to stop speed wobbles is to use your riding skills. This one is much more effective than adjusting the board but it requires your skills and techniques on longboarding.

A lot of deadly speed wobbles are caused by the improper stance that leads to the loss of balance when you ride a longboard.

Always maintain the proper stance when you are longboarding.

If the speed wobbles are about to hit you, instead of correcting it, you should practice these tips and techniques to stop speed wobbles.

5. Body Weight

Bend the front leg a little bit to shift a part of your body weight to the front of the board.

This tip will prevent the speed wobbles in the first place before you reach higher speeds and face a dangerous situation.

This solution also works for someone who tends to stand in the middle of the longboard when driving.

6. Carve

After shifting your body weight, you should start a carve.

First, make it slow. This tip will prevent you from compensating or countering the speed wobbles and avoid it getting worse.

As the wobble can not correct or control itself, the carve is effective in slowing you down and helping you keep control.

The key for this method is slow speed because doing it too fast, you will end up flying off the board and falling onto the ground.

7. Relaxed Muscles

Always remember to relax your muscles during the whole time you are longboarding.

Your legs and muscle should be fluid and relaxed, which not only keeps you from over correcting the wobbles but also makes your mind calm especially when the board starts to shake.

Do not feel panic when you are about to have speed wobbles because that only makes the situation worse and leads to an unwanted crash.

The key in any situation of longboarding is staying calm. Keeping your mind open and wise, you are able to use your skills and techniques to slow down the board and stop speed wobbles.

8. Practice And Practice

The saying “Practice makes perfect.” Is always true.

What is the best solution to avoid speed wobbles and become a professional longboarder?

Nothing is better than building good habits, improving your longboarding skills and mastering the techniques on how to control the speed.

The speed wobbles can only be prevented when you are more comfortable with longboarding speed. So, it is recommended starting slow and longboard on streets within your limits.

These are the tips and techniques on how to prevent deadly speed wobbles on a longboard I would like to share with you. You can find more tips and tricks on Longboard Brand website. As you can see, the best way you can do is to practice your skills. And when there is a problem, stay calm and do not panic. After that, you should try to shift your weight to the front, make a slow carve and relax your muscles. Of course, you can set up your board but it is not a recommended way because it only helps delay the problem but at top speeds, the speed wobbles still happen. The proper stance can help you deal with them. Anyone can become better, so do not give up and be afraid of speed wobbles.

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