One-Hit Wonder Billy Bland

Billy Bland

Introduction to Billy Bland American R&B artist Billy Bland (born on April 5, 1932, Wilmington, North Carolina) achieved fame with “Let the Little Girl Dance” in  during the 60s music era. He started singing professionally at 15 years old. Bland was once a member of the Four Bees before pursuing a solo … Read more

The Life and Music of Ruth Brown

The Life and Music of Ruth Brown

Introduction to Ruth Brown Ruth Brown was an American blues singer who brought elements of pop music into her usual blues and R&B repertoire. It was under Atlantic Records where Brown gained prominence especially during the 50s music era, scoring a series of Top 10 R&B hits like “So Long,” “I’ll Wait … Read more

The Funk Music of Bloodstone


Introduction to Bloodstone Bloodstone is a American funk/R&B/soul act formed in Kansas City, Missouri during the early 1960s. Led by guitarist and lead singer Charles Love, they were initially a doo-wop group, but as the years followed Bloodstone had begun to change gears and evolve to become one of the most recognizable … Read more

The Five Satins, R&B Legends

Fred Parris (The Five Satins)

Introduction The Five Satins are an R&B vocal group famous for their R&B hit in 1956 “In the Still Of The Nite”. The band’s origins were in New Haven in Connecticut and formed in 1954. The original members consisted of Fred Parris (the leader), Lou Peebles, Stanley Dortch, Ed Martin, Nat Mosley … Read more

The History of R&B Legends The Clovers

The Clovers

Introduction The Clovers were one of the biggest-selling acts of the 1950s, having scored numerous high-charting R&B singles, and a lone Top 40 hit single “Love Potion #9.” The R&B vocal group composed of Harold Lucas, Billy Shelton and Thomas Woods – all were Armstrong High School students in Washington, D.C. With … Read more

The Story and Music of Chris Kenner

Chris Kenner

Introduction to Chris Kenner Chris Kenner was an R&B singer and songwriter originating from New Orleans.  He started his recording career under Baton Records, and in 1957 Kenner recorded and released “Sick and Tired” under Imperial.  It didn’t give a hit for him, but it otherwise did for Fats Domino when he … Read more

Introduction to Chuck Jackson

Chuck Jackson

Who is Chuck Jackson? Rhythm-and-blues balladeer Chuck Jackson has one of the most beautiful, versatile voices in modern music, with his light baritone delivered in a raspy, gruffy style. Although born in South Carolina in 1937, he was eventually raised in Pennsylvania.  His career started with The Del Vikings, who were one … Read more

The Story and Music of The Intrigues

The Intrigues

Introduction to The Intrigues The Intrigues were a Philadelphia trio (formed in 1968) whose own slick brand of soul brought them to a considerable hit in “In a Moment” during the late 60s music era. That very hit was produced by Bobby Martin and Thom Bell. They also scored two other minor … Read more

The Life and Music of the Dixie Cups

The Dixie Cups

Introduction to The Dixie Cups The Dixie Cups were one of the more well-known all-girl groups to ever emerge in the 60s music era, with their fame resting on their successful single “Chapel of Love” in 1964. The group’s origins stemmed from New Orleans, Louisiana and consisted of sisters Barbara Ann and … Read more

The Life and Music of Sonny Knight

Sonny Knight

Introduction to Sonny Knight Sonny Knight (born Joseph Coleman Smith 1934-1998) was an African-American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, musician and author, known for mid-50s music era hit “Confidential.” He was born in Maywood, Illinois but was raised in Los Angeles, California. He first recorded for Aladdin, and then for Cal-West, as both … Read more

The Story and Music of The Falcons

The Falcons

Introduction to The Falcons The Falcons were an R&B vocal group, famed for their single “You’re So Fine”, released on Mercury Records in 1959. They were formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1955, and originally consisted of Eddie Floyd, Bob Manardo, James Hamler, Arnett Robinson, Tom Shelter and and Willie Schofield. At that … Read more

The Story and Music of The Exciters

The Exciters

Introduction to The Exciters The Exciters were a 60s music era R&B/soul group consisting of three female members – Brenda Reid, Carolyn Johnson and Lillian Walker – and one male member, Herb Rooney (who would also become Reid’s husband). Originally an all-girl act, Reid, Johnson and Walker were still teenagers when they … Read more

The Story and the Music of The Larks

The Larks

Introduction to The Larks The Larks were a North Carolina-originated R&B/soul/gospel group from the 50s music era, not to be confused with Larks (formerly The Meadowlarks) who hailed from Los Angeles and were fronted by Don Julian, or the other Philadelphia-based Larks led by Weldon McDougal.  The sextet (eventually became quintet when … Read more