The 10 most valuable teams in Europe have never been relegated


Sapo: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal… are familiar names in the most prestigious playgrounds of each country. They have never tasted the feeling of going down to play in the lower tier.

Relegation is the biggest punishment a club can face after a disappointing season in football. Wondering which European clubs has never been relegated? Read the article below shared by Fun88 uy tin to understand better!

1. Real Madrid

Not surprisingly, “Los Blancos” has never been relegated since the club’s founding in 1902 under the name Madrid Football Club. In its 113-year history, the Royal team has won all the most prestigious titles at club level, including 32 La Liga championships, 19 Copa Del Rey, 9 Super Cups. Spain… In the continental arena, Madrid giants are the holders of unprecedented records with 10 times to the top of glory in the European Cup/ UEFA Champions Leagues.

2. Barcelona

Founded by a group of talented Swiss, British and Caralan nationals in 1899, the Blaugrana immediately became a force in the Spanish league alongside Real Madrid. Despite being inferior to its rivals for 9 national championships, the Camp Nou team has dominated Spanish football for more than 10 years with 7 crowns in La Liga, while The number of rivals Madrid is only 3. Besides, the 4 Champions League trophies in the past decade are a clear testament to the strength and class of Barcelona today.

The team immediately became a force in the Spanish league alongside Real Madrid.

3. Athletic Bilbao

The San Mames team is the last name in La Liga that has never had to experience relegation. Although unable to reap much success in the Spanish league due to limitations from a long tradition of not using players outside the Basque country, Athletic Bilbao is also a club that has a long history with eight La championships. Liga with 23 Copa Del Rey titles just behind Barcelona (27).

4. Inter Milan

Since joining the Serie A playground in the 1929/30 season, FC Internazionale Milano, also known as Inter Milan, is the only team in the country of pasta to always be on the league rankings in Italy’s highest match. The most glorious period of the Nerazzurri was from 2005 to 2010. The Giuseppe Meazza home team has set a record when dominating Serie A for five consecutive seasons. During this time, the army of black and blue stripes won two more championships, the national cup and the super cup. The name Inter Milan became the legend of Italian football when it became the only team to complete the treble of Scudetto, Champions League and Super Cup in the same season 2009/2010.

5. Hamburg SV

The Volkspark Stadium team is one of 16 teams invited to the Bundesliga held for the first time in 1963, since then, “Die Rothosen” has become a very familiar name to German football fans. Once considered as one of the strongest clubs in Germany besides Bayern Munich, Dortmund or Schalke, now, Hamburg is in crisis when continuously facing relegation in the 2013/2014 and 2014 season. 2015.

The Volkspark Stadium was one of 16 teams invited to the Bundesliga held for the first time in 1963.

6. Ajax

Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax, also known as AFC Ajax, Ajax Amsterdam or simply Ajax, is a football club based in Amsterdam, playing at the Dutch National Football Championship league the highest of Dutch football.

With 33 national championships, the Amsterdam Arena home team became the most successful club in the Netherlands and of course, they never had to play in the lower league than Eredivisie. Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord have formed a group of “three giants” that have alternately dominated the most prestigious tournament in the country of Tulip flowers since 1965.

7. Benfica

Sport Lisboa e Benfica, commonly known as Benfica or SLB, is Portugal’s most traditional rich sports club based in Lisbon. “Eagles” are always a scary name in the Liga Portuguese. The peak period of the Luz leather team was in the 1960s, when the legendary Eusebio was the nucleus that helped Benfica eight times to step up to glory in the domestic league and break Real Madrid’s monopoly on the continental arena by two consecutive European championships in the 1960/1961 and 1961/1962 seasons.

8. FC Porto

Porto Football Club has its full name as Futebol Clube do Porto and is often referred to as FC Porto. Many viewers called them by the nickname Azuis e brancos meaning blue and white people, or Dragon (Dragon). FC Porto was established on September 28, 1893 and has been appearing in every season of Primeira Liga since its inception in 1934. Porto is also one of the most successful football teams in Portugal when it won, a total of 74 official titles, only 2 titles behind rival Benfica. Dragao Stadium is also the only club to win the Liga Portuguese championship with an unbeaten record in 2010/2011 and 2012/2013.

Porto is one of the most successful football clubs in Portugal

9. Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is a professional football club based in Paris, the capital of France. Formerly known as the Stade Saint-Germain multi-sports club, Paris Saint-Germain was officially established in 1970 and currently plays in Ligue. Historically, the Prince’s Park team had a start in Ligue 2 when Paris FC merged with Stade Saint Germain in the 1970/71 season. Right next season, PSG surprised us when they won the Ligue 1 championship and created a huge echo in the hearts of fans. Thanks to the investment of the Arab bosses, the French capital team has had a spectacular transformation and has become a ruler in Ligue 1 since 2012.

10. Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club based in Holloway, London, currently playing in the English Premier League, the highest level tournament in the English football system. In the Premier League era, six clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa, M.U, Everton and Tottenham were the permanent faces of the highest league in the country. However, before 1992, except the “Gunners” of London, all the aforementioned teams had to be relegated at least once. In addition, the defending champions Chelsea have had 6 times to say goodbye to the top division.

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