The Benefits of Learning Italian for Your Career Abroad

Italian is one of the most important languages in the world. It is pretty old, and besides its prevalence in the art scene, it remains relevant in all industries.

You may be wondering what you will get from learning Italian, but there are many benefits. Italian brands are all over the world, even though they are not many. The opposite is also true. Global companies are rushing to get a slice of Italy’s economy.

Whether you are moving to Italy and other countries that speak Italian or hoping to work with Italian companies, learning the language will positively impact your career.

Let’s highlight some of the benefits of learning Italian for your career abroad.

1. Navigating the Workforce

You may be well qualified and still struggle to understand how things work within an Italian professional setting.

Learning Italian will give you an edge when navigating the workforce, especially in countries with large Italian-speaking populations. Besides Italy, places like Switzerland, Croatia, and some East and North African countries have Italian as an official language.

In these regions, knowledge of Italian will come in handy when seeking employment and demonstrating your experience to potential employers.

2. An Added Advantage

When discussing the workforce in places where a large number of people speak Italian, it’s important to look at the chances of getting employed and the workplace itself.

Learning the language is an added advantage on your resume as it gives you a better chance of getting hired than candidates who don’t understand Italian.

The situation is especially true in Italy. You may depend on a second language to communicate and work effectively outside the country.

But in Italy, if you are not conversant in the national language, you may struggle to find a job that doesn’t expect you to communicate and operate in Italian.

3. Room for Career Growth

Are you looking to expand your career or diversify and try different fields?

Well, understanding Italian allows you to grow and shape your career in an Italian-speaking environment.

The Italian job market has numerous opportunities you can tap into. Learn more about the job market in Italy on the International Citizens Group and figure out where to start.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be physically in Italy working with a local company or a global brand to benefit from your knowledge of Italian.

Different Italian companies like Pirelli, Eni, and Gucci, among others, have locations in various countries. As someone who knows Italian, you are in a better position to explore these companies and advance your career.

4. Work Relations

Whether you join the corporate workforce or start your own ventures within an Italian-speaking society, learning the language will be crucial to establishing rapport and developing trust.

The people you work alongside, as well as clients, can pave the way to creating stronger business relationships. But that can only happen if you are able to communicate and interact effectively with those around you.

It’s definitely a plus not to have language as a barrier when closing deals and interacting with industry professionals.

5. Cultural Adaptation

Living abroad has many challenges. The feeling of being an outsider due to culture shock can undermine your efforts to integrate into the new society and may even harm your career prospects.

Knowledge of the local language will play a vital role in bridging that cultural gap, making it easier to navigate traditions and embrace your surroundings.

In a population that speaks Italian, understanding the language not only leads to a smooth transition but also allows you to immerse yourself in the community. And aside from the social advantage, having an easier time adapting to the new culture can also benefit your career.

6. New Opportunities

We’ve discussed the benefits of learning Italian within the context of living and working in Italian-speaking societies.

However, the importance of understanding Italian is not restricted to the population that speaks the language. Unlike English, for example, Italian is rare, which means there’s a demand in professional settings for individuals who understand the language regardless of where you are.


Learning Italian can have many far-reaching benefits for your career and life overseas as an expat. From navigating the job market and the workplace to embracing your surroundings, the language arms you with tools for success in the business world.