The best travel backpacks for minimalist travel


When going on a long-distance hike or gallivanting around Europe over the summer months, you need a pack that can hold all of your gear. However, moving light is vital – you don’t want to be dragged down by too much gear, excess clothes, and heavy packs that are more trouble than they’re worth.

Even worse, toting around a suitcase on the cobblestoned streets of the beautiful cities of Europe or the mountain trails in foreign countries is not ideal. Finding the perfect adventure pack for versatile use is key to exploring new areas practically and efficiently.

Top 3 travel backpacks for minimal travel

For adventurous solo travellers who want to travel light, finding the ideal backpack is just as important as buying your flight tickets and booking accommodation. There is something miserable and tiring about toting around all of your luggage through the streets of a new town or city in the heat – instead, make an intelligent decision by purchasing a lightweight and minimalist travel bag.

Peak Design Travel Line Backpack

When comparing the safety of different travel backpacks, this option is arguably the most secure. Forget about pickpockets and petty criminals in crowded cities; this peak Design backpack will fend off thieves in no time.

Suppose you like to work while you’re travelling, like many freelancers. In that case, the Peak Design backpack works with many airline restrictions, contains dual extension zips, and has a laptop compartment for added padded protection.

The best feature of this backpack is the security features. The locking mechanisms help deter break-ins, while the packing cubes let you easily organize your trip’s gear.

Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack

The Tortuga 35L backpack is the perfect size for those on a weekend or couple-week getaway to the city. Say you want an airline-compatible pack with comfortable straps, waist belt pocket, suitcase handle on the side, and a front zipper compartment for convenience storing small items like passports and travel documents.

In this case, this backpack is the ideal choice for those who will be carrying their pack long distances from their remote workplace cafe to their hostel. Not to mention, 35L is plenty of space to work for a variety of trips, increasing the versatility of this pack.

AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

For budget shoppers who want a high-quality travel backpack without breaking the bank using high-end brands like osprey, choose this amazon option. By providing packing versatility, eye-catch design, and fleece-lined top-load pockets, you can keep your gear safe and secure without spending all of your money before the trip even begins.


Finding the best travel backpacks for your trip takes some research and shopping beforehand to make sure you find one that meets your needs. For solo travellers who want to avoid using bulky suitcases that require you to check in a bag at the airport, using travel backpacks can help you stay light on your feet and carry all of your gear in one place.


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