The best ways to grow bigger cannabis buds

If you are one of the cannabis growers, perhaps you already know your goal is to grow the healthiest and biggest buds in your garden. You may also know the disappointing feeling when a strain never fully develops as expected and you try to buy weed online

Remember that some strains can be low-yielding, but you may still produce high-quality buds if you take the right steps. The good news is that you can use various ways to increase the size of the cannabis buds. This article explains the best ways to grow bigger cannabis buds.


Cannabis buds usually grow at the plant nodes. Remember that a node is where a branch or leaf grows off the stalk. So the larger the cannabis plant grows, the more nodes tend to appear. This means that your cannabis plant will have more places where buds can grow. 

The nodes with buds that grow low down the cannabis plant can flower, but they don’t develop fully because of lack of enough light. You can only improve the yield of the cannabis plant by pruning away plants that are not getting adequate light.

You can trim away the foliage and buds growing under the canopy. In this way, you will be directing all energy into the canopies with buds that are getting enough light to get bigger buds. Read at to get more tips at growing bigger buds.


Another great way to increase cannabis yields is to train the cannabis plants. If plants are left alone, they can usually grow a single large stalk that has smaller stalks growing up around it. 

A cannabis plant can grow into the shape of a menorah that has the main large stalk. This one large stalk can grow a large cola, and its height will determine where you can place lights, especially if you’re growing cannabis indoors. This leads to the lower branches getting less light than those with an even canopy.

So you can super crop which is high-stress training or use low-stress training methods. These methods involve tying the top branches of the cannabis plant to encourage the rest of the branches to develop, and this creates a level canopy.

It’s worth noting that when you train cannabis plants, the growth hormones that work on the main stalk are then redistributed to the branches surrounding it. This promotes growth for the whole plant, and you can get an even canopy of branches. 


Feeding your cannabis plant properly is pretty necessary when you try to grow large buds. Nitrogen is linked to vegetative growth and phosphorus is closely linked to flowering plants, therefore, if you feed your cannabis plants with nitrogen as it’s vegging, you can create a vibrant and healthy cannabis plant at a tender age. The plant can also grow fast, leading to more yields.

When your plant starts flowering, you can reduce nitrogen levels while increasing phosphorus levels to assist the buds to become dense and fully develop. If you’re growing cannabis plants in soil, you need to top dress the soil using worm castings or bat guano to make sure phosphorus levels increase. Above all, liquid feeds the cannabis plant with other nutrients.