The Creepiest Places to Visit in Japan

Beneath the towering Tokyo skyscrapers, cherry blossom landscape, rich history, and technologies way ahead of time, Japan is loaded with eerie destinations. Japan is known for horror stories and chilling paranormal activities. So, if you’re in for a creepy treat, you might want to know more of the creepiest places to visit in the land of the rising sun. Make sure to scroll further!

Aokigahara Forest

You’ve probably heard of the infamous suicide forest. This twisted forest is wickedly silent even if you wander during broad daylight. This is where hundreds of people take their lives, so much that the government has placed information and public materials about suicide prevention. Before the suicides, this forest is known as one of the most haunted places in Japan. This place was where people practice “ubatse,” also known as the practice of leaving old women to let them die in the forest.

Inukane Pass Tunnel

Also known as the whispering tunnel, you would not want to traverse this dark tunnel alone. Its dingy and dark vibe can easily put you on peril, which is exactly what happened to a wandering, young girl back in the day. It is believed this is where a young girl was murdered and was not given proper burial, making it one of the most chilling places in the country. Visitors of the tunnel have heard whispering and gibberish language, most of them noting hearing the words “stop” and pleading them not to go deeper in the dark. Some visitors have also noted weird physical feelings such as poking, prodding, and shoving.

Nakagusuku Hotel

The hotel ruins is one of the most favorable haunted destinations in Japan. Once a luxury resort, this destination was a place of fatalities. Back in the day, a monk said constructing this hotel would disturb the graves and holy sites in the area. But the capitalists pushed the project, which resulted in workers’ deaths. In an attempt to restart construction, the owner tried to stay overnight at the hotel to prove it is safe. However, on the next day, he went out, seemingly out of his mind, and disappeared. Even until this day, people can see flickering lights and feel a cold presence when they are on the site.

Round Schoolhouse

Floating lights, irregular shapes, ghosts, scary apparitions, and abandoned vehicles—name everything that you have seen in a horror movie, this place probably has it. The Round Schoolhouse located in Hokkaido was built around 1906 and was closed in the 1970s because of abandonment. After a few years, paranormal activities have been sighted, which were eye candy for paranormal enthusiasts. If you are one of them, and if you got a brave heart, better pay this chilling place a visit.


A list of Japan’s haunted destinations would not be complete without a hospital! Even more exciting than the Huis Ten Bosch, this haunted hospital in Fuji Q Highland theme park will leave you rattling and shaking.

Weekly Mansion

This looks fancy on the outside, but it is chilly and electrifying on the inside. Located in Akasaka is this mansion, a hub for paranormal happenings. White mists from beds, shoving, and appliances turning on by themselves are some happenings that took place in this grand mansion. A woman also claimed she was being dragged across the floor of the room and her back had scratch marks. While this mansion looks amazing outside, we recommend booking to other places.

Iwojima Island

Probably the most dangerous destination on this list, the Iwojima Island has continuously made people shiver in fear for years. The dead bodies and listless souls continue to haunt the historical battlefield in World War 2. The Iwojima Island is also home to Mt. Suribachi, a high volcano that has been recognized by the University of Manchester as the most terrifying volcano in the world. Professionals say that this volcano may erupt sometime in the next 100 years, which in turn would cause 25-meter-high tsunamis across Japan and China, leading to a prospective death toll of millions of civilians. We believe nothing is scarier than a destructive possibility.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible for civilians and tourists to visit Iwojima. The place is restricted to military personnel to avoid unbidding negative happenings.