The football landscape in Andorra


Andorran football has its own unique charm. At this moment you can use the 1 x bet website for betting and wager on matches played here too.

Nestled high in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, Andorra is one of Europe’s tiniest nations – we’re talking about a population hovering around 77,000 inhabitants. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for with a passion for the beautiful game. You are invited to try the website for betting 1xBet, where matches from the Andorran national side can also be played too.

The top level in the country

The backbone of Andorran football is the Primera Divisió, or, as some call it, the Andorran First Division. We’re not looking at a behemoth like the Premier League or La Liga. Instead, it’s more of a cozy affair with a handful of teams – usually around 8 – scrapping it out for the title every year. Don’t forget to start football betting with, where this competition is featured too.

The league was kicked off in 1995, and since then, it’s been the main gateway for Andorran clubs to strut their stuff on the European stage through the qualifiers for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

The top teams in Andorra have historically been:

  • FC Santa Coloma;
  • Inter d’Escaldes;
  • and CE Principat.

These squads are featured on the 1xBet platform too, where you can start football betting with great odds and additional features. Santa Coloma, for instance, has snagged more than 10 league titles since the league’s inception.

The national side

The FIFA ranking of the Andorran national side has generally lingered around the 130s to 150s, but it’s worth noting that for a country of its size, even being ranked is a big deal. The team’s maiden victory came in 2004 – a 1-0 win against Macedonia – which was a cause for massive celebration. Since then, wins have been rare, but when they come, it’s like the whole country throws a party. At this moment you can play with 1xBet casino online, which is a perfect form of entertainment before the next match of this team too.

Now, you can’t talk about football in Andorra without mentioning the infrastructure. We’re not just talking about grass pitches that might get a bit muddy in the winter. Because of the mountainous terrain, most of the pitches are artificial. This makes maintenance a bit easier when you’re dealing with snow and ice half the year. Everybody can play with the 1xBet online casino, where great games are available before the next match of the Andorran national side.

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