The History of Oreck Vacuum Cleaners


The Oreck Vacuum is a well-known brand in the hospitality industry when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Founded by David Oreck, the owner of Oreck Corporation, established in the year 1963. The company headquarter is located in Nashville, Tennessee with retail stores around the country.  The company was originally headquartered in New Orleans but moved after hurricane Katrina.

Who is David Oreck?

David Oreck is an American born close to Duluth, Minnesota. He was a certified pilot for the United States Army Air Corps and during World War II he participated in a bombing mission in Japan which at his time considered as an elite position.

After the war, David Oreck started a new career with RCA as a sales man. RCA is the Radio Corporation of America that started way back 1919, the top electronics company in America. Mr. Oreck has no experience in sales yet he flourished in his job and became the General Sales Manager of the company.

In 1963 when RCA distribution had struggle with its business, they offered Mr. Oreck to take over the distribution arm of the business.

Whirlpool at that time did not do well in selling their upright vacuums, Mr. Oreck took over their design and redesigned it for the hospitality market. He began selling upright vacuums under RCA-Whirlpool label. Mr. Oreck obtained the rights to manufacture the vacuum which originated from Whirlpool and was sold under RCA distribution.

In 2013 Oreck published a book reflecting on his years of business experience called Dust to Diamonds:  How Small Entrepreneurs Can Grow and Prosper in Any Economy.

Oreck Corporation

The Oreck vacuum was created initially for hotels. It was designed to make the workload easier for hotel housekeepers. During that time the type of vacuums used in the hotels were heavy thus making the cleaners’ shoulders and arms sore from the daily cleaning. David Oreck created a lightweight vacuum which is easier to use yet powerful enough to clean.

The lightweight vacuum became a hit to hotels in the US and other countries. Over 10,000 units were sold right away. From the hotel industry, the target market of the company evolved to direct consumers for home use,  because most of the cleaners in the hotel who have experienced the convenience of using the vacuum started calling their office to purchase.

Mr. Oreck started to redesign their upright bagged vacuum cleaner for hotels and made it suitable for home use. This second line of vacuum which targeted direct consumer buyers rocketed the company’s sale to 100,000 units per year and even grew bigger during the 70’s and 80’s with infomercials that attracted many consumers and made David Oreck  well known . He became the face of his own company where he is seen doing the demo and sales pitches in the infomercials shown on national television.

Oreck Corporation launched different marketing and sales campaigns through top American radio programs, full-page ads in metropolitan markets, and his infamous infomercials.

Oreck Corporation’s vacuums had made a big impact on the industry raising the bar in performance and design of vacuums many companies have tried to imitate and surpass the company’s performance but with its solid foundation in the hospitality industry and home consumers, Oreck’s corporation maintained its spot at the top for having the best vacuum in the market.

Since then, Oreck Vacuum has been established as a lightweight yet durable vacuum used by many household and hotels in US, Canada and some parts of Europe.  Be sure to check out the best vacuums hardwood floors.

Oreck Corporation Product Line

Through the years,  Oreck Corporation extended its product line and market, they sold the following models.

Oreck XL Upright Vacuums

  • Element Pro Series 2.0
  • Silver Pro Series 2.0
  • Gold Pro Series 2.5
  • Platinum Pilot Pro Series 2.5
  • Platinum HEPA
  • Halo (Discontinued)
  • Edge Pro Series 2.5
  • Oreck VersaVac Bagless

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

  • Quest Canister
  • Quest Pro Full-sized Canister
  • DutchTech Full Size 1400 Series (Discontinued)
  • DutchTech Mid Size 1200 Series (Discontinued)
  • Ironman Handheld (Discontinued)
  • Edge Handheld
  • Housekeeper Ultimate Handheld
  • Deluxe Handheld
  • Little Hero Bagless Canister
  • Little Helper Bagless Canister

Floor Machines

  • Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose
  • Orbiter Multi-Purpose
  • Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand
  • Steam-Glide
  • XL Shield Power Scrubber

Air Purifiers

  • ProShield
  • ProShield Plus
  • XL Tower Professional

Small Appliances

  • Speed Sweep
  • Sweep N Go
  • Restaurateur Floor Sweeper-12.5
  • Restaurateur Floor Sweeper-9.5
  • Deluxe Electric Fabric Shaver
  • Refrigerator Air Purifier
  • Cordless Zip Vac
  • Cordless Speed Iron
  • Car Vac (2 Models)
  • Cord Free Electrik Broom

Oreck Corporation Today

Today, Oreck Corporation is owned by Royal Applicance Manufacturing Co. after its auction to the public in 2013 due to bankruptcy.  The Oreck family had try to buy the company back from its private equity investors.

David Oreck can still be seen in informercials produced by Royal Appliance despite the change in ownership of the company.   Oreck vacuums have retained its status as one of the most reputable and durable vacuum cleaners for commercial and home use.

Pros and Cons


  • The Oreck Elevate Conquer vacuums are made in the US and weigh less than ten pounds, which is half as much as most vacuums in this class. They can effortlessly vacuum stairs while lying flat on their back, reach under tables and beds, and work on both carpet and bare floors.
  • With the help of a SaniSeal HEPA Media filter, 99.97% of invisible particles are effectively captured.
  • With the aid of the SlimSwivel steering technology, you can move around and under furniture with ease.
  • The manufacturer also provides a free service tune-up plan and a reasonably lengthy 7-year warranty.
  • Oreck vacuums are built to last and are composed of premium materials.
  • Oreck vacuums are made to be small and portable, making them simple to store.


  • There are few included tools or attachments for Oreck vacuums. 
  • The suction power of Oreck vacuums has been criticized by certain customers as being inconsistent.
  • Oreck vacuums need disposable bags, which raises the price while extending the life of the appliance.
  • Oreck vacuums are fairly noisy vacuums..
  • Vacuums from Oreck can be on the pricier end.


In conclusion, Oreck Vacuum Cleaners’ history is distinguished by its emphasis on strong, lightweight vacuums that are created to fulfill consumer demands. Oreck has developed from its modest beginnings in 1963 to become a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner business. Oreck has remained committed to innovation, releasing new and enhanced models with strong suction, cutting-edge filtration technologies, and other user-friendly features. Oreck vacuums have a reputation for being of high quality and dependability, despite some complaints about its few attachments, loudness, and price. In general, Oreck Vacuum Cleaners’ history is evidence of the company’s commitment to offering customers useful, efficient cleaning solutions.

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