The influence of Las Vegas on casino culture worldwide


When you think of the casino world, the first place that comes to mind is probably Las Vegas, which is known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ and has played a massive role within the industry.

Becoming the epitome of the casino experience with bright lights, stunning resorts and an element of glamour, there’s so much to discover within this world.

So, let’s dive into the influence of Las Vegas on how it has shaped the casino industry as we know it today…

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The beginning

Las Vegas first became known as a casino destination during the early 20th century, as this type of gaming was legalised in Nevada in 1931.

The creation of iconic casinos, like The Sahara and The Sands was started by some of the most famous mob members, including Busy Siegel, which is what really made Las Vegas flourish.

They began to not only offer casino gaming but also world-class dining and amazing entertainment at some of the biggest establishments.

The establishments

Looking further at these Vegas casino establishments, they are influenced by various parts of the world, which adds to the overall gaming experience.

This began the concept of themed casinos, where you could go from ancient Rome, to Paris, all from the city of Vegas.

One of the most beautiful establishments in Las Vegas is the Egyptian-themed Luxor, but there are plenty of others to explore that can take you through time and space!

Gaming innovations

New casino games and other innovations often begin in Las Vegas, as they have especially been at the forefront of the incorporation of cutting-edge technology into the gaming world.

The city has always made sure to embrace new trends, so gamers will always stay entertained. From anywhere between the first electronic slot machine to modern-day virtual reality games, Las Vegas has experienced it all!

And the city’s gaming experiences will only continue to evolve…

The global impact

The success Las Vegas has witnessed as a casino destination has enabled the city to establish its global brand with all of the entertainment it’s associated with.

Casino operators worldwide have capitalised on this too, by incorporating various Las Vegas-style themed games and elements within other venues.

But the Las Vegas scene has not only influenced casino culture around the world, it’s also played a huge role in boosting tourism globally.

Various countries have witnessed the potential of casino tourism and its ability to drive economic growth. This has seen the rise of individual casino destinations that have been able to take inspiration from Las Vegas, whilst integrating their own cultural and regional identities into the entire experience.

Las Vegas has largely shaped the casino world we’re familiar with today, with gamers still flocking to the city to experience everything it has to offer.

Due to the huge influence of Las Vegas on the casino world, the city will never cease to be iconic. So, will you be experiencing the influence of Vegas directly, or will you see if you can find a Vegas-themed casino experience closer to home?

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