The Ultimate Guide to Finding Product Photographers in LA


The business space is becoming more competitive by the day. Brands are always looking to gain a legal advantage over their competitors. If you look across many established brands, you will notice that they use high-quality product images on their sites.

Besides aesthetics, stunning images also help businesses gain more authority. Using stock images will hurt your SEO, undoing all the hard work done in promoting and marketing your business. Here is where the services of a professional product photographer are needed the most.

LA is a hub for creatives. You can easily spot a photography studio in the vast city. Nonetheless, identifying the most suitable individual for your brand can be challenging. Here, we provide valuable tips to help you search for the best professional for the job.

Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board will help you collate your ideas of what you want the product photos to look like. This will help you down the road when you start evaluating potential product photographers to work on your project. The vision board should include what style of product photography you envision.

Do you want minimalistic shots with white backgrounds? How about ghost mannequin photography if you are selling fashion products? Consider the story you want to tell with the photos and where they will be used.

Start Your Search

LA is a massive city, but there are several resources you can use to find the best product photographers. The internet is a good place for beginners. You can make the search results more relevant by adding your current location to the search.

You can find top photographers on social media sites and online marketplaces. Most product photographers showcase their works on Instagram and Facebook. You can preview their work and contact them for more information about their charges.

Your network of friends running online businesses or blogs can also help you find the best product photographers in LA. Look for photographers who specialize in products similar to yours. Ask about their work ethic and professionalism before contacting them for business.

Portfolio is King

In photography, portfolios are kings. Exploring a product photographer’s portfolio is a great way to understand their style and capabilities. Most professional photographers share their best work on their websites and social media profiles.

You can view their website and see what brands they have worked with. You want to select a photographer that’s skilled in shooting products in your catalog. For example, if you run a fashion blog or ecommerce site, you will be better off hiring a fashion or beauty photographer.

Experience also matters. Complex projects, for example ghost mannequin shots, need highly experienced product photographers.

Communication is Key

Schedule initial consultations with a few photographers who impress you. This is the time for you to judge whether they are a good fit for the project or not. Ask them about their workflow and how they prep for projects.

Are they available for your preferred shoot date? Share details about your project, including dates and times when you want the shoot to happen.

Discuss payment and package options. Often, we recommend going with product photographers in LA whose services you can afford. You can ask for quotes from multiple photographers and compare prices before shortlisting.

Ask if they provide extra services and if there are fees involved. For instance, do you need mannequins or props for your shots? Some photographers will provide props for free while others will charge you a small fee on top.

Contracts and Considerations

Having a written contract will prevent any future misunderstandings regarding payment and image rights. Start by clearly defining what services are included in the package. Specify the number of images needed, turnaround time, and fees for additional edits.

Also, include detailed pricing, payment schedules, and late-payment fines. Don’t forget to consult a legal expert on matters of copyright if the photographer insists on having their watermark on the final edits.

Final Takeaway

Finding the right product photographer can be a game-changer for your brand. The tips in this guide will help you find the best product photographers in LA. Building a long-term partnership with your photographer can streamline future projects and ensure consistent brand messaging across your product photography. 

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