The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Underwire Bathing Suit Tops


When it comes to finding a bathing suit, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Each body is unique so it’s crucial to discover a swimsuit that not only complements your figure but also provides the necessary support. With body size inclusivity doing the rounds, it’s time to design bathing suit tops for those plus size women as well. That’s where bathing suit tops with underwire come into play. These tops are designed specifically to offer lift and support ensuring that you look and feel your best while enjoying a day at the beach or poolside. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about selecting the underwire bathing suit tops.

Understanding Underwire Bathing Suit Tops

Let’s start with the basics. Beautiful women’s bathing suits with underwire are specially crafted with an underwire, for support, similar to a bra. This underwire provides lift and shape to enhance your curves. It can be especially helpful for individuals with busts as it helps distribute weight and alleviate strain on the shoulders and back.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The initial step in finding the ideal underwire bathing suit top is knowing your size. Like bras, underwire bathing suit tops are available in sizes, including cup sizes.

To ensure the fit it’s recommended to get either measured or measure yourself at home using a soft measuring tape. Take measurements of your bust and underbust (the area, below your breasts) to determine the size.


Now that you have determined your size it’s time to think about the style and design of the underwire bathing suit top. Remember, the goal is to find a top that not only offers support but also enhances your figure and suits your style. Here are a few popular options you might consider;

  1. Halter Top: A halter top is a choice for underwire bathing suit tops. It ties around the neck, providing lift and support. This style is particularly flattering for those with shoulders or a smaller bust.
  2. Tankini: If you prefer coverage, you might want to explore options with an underwire top. This style features a top that covers the midsection offering both a comfortable fit if you prefer more coverage.
  3. Bandeau: If you’re looking for a strapless option, consider a bandeau-style underwire bathing suit top. It’s ideal for those who want to avoid tan lines. Still desire the support and shaping provided by an underwire. Make sure to look for options that have silicone grippers or a rubberized band to ensure a snug fit.
  4. Bikini: You can’t go wrong with a classic bikini underwire top. It’s a choice that allows you to show off some skin while still getting the support of an underwire. Look for options with straps and a back closure so you can customize the fit according to your preferences.

Choosing the Right Fabric

When it comes to underwire bathing suit tops, the fabric is crucial. It’s important to opt for high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. Here are some popular fabric options worth considering;

  1. Nylon/Spandex Blend; This is a used fabric in swimwear because it offers stretch and recovery properties. It also resists fading and also dries quickly, making it ideal for beach days.
  2. Polyester/Spandex Blend; Polyester is recognized for its strength and durability which makes it a popular choice for swimwear. Additionally, it’s resistant to chlorine and UV rays, ensuring that your underwire bathing suit top will endure season after season.
  3. Lycra/Spandex Blend; Lycra or elastane, as it’s also known is a fiber renowned for its stretch and recovery capabilities and offers support and shaping while ensuring a secure fit.

Other Features to Think About

Lastly, remember to consider any features that can enhance your experience with an underwire swimsuit top. Some options include straps allowing you to customize the fit according to your preferences. Others may offer padding or push-up features giving you control over the level of support and shaping you desire. Additionally, look for tops with a closure and cups that are fully lined for extra comfort and durability.


To sum up, finding the perfect underwire swimsuit top is about understanding your body shape, knowing your size accurately, and considering your personal style and preferences. With the right underwire swimsuit top you can feel confident and at ease knowing that you have support while looking your best. So go ahead. Enjoy some beach or pool time, knowing that heads will turn when they see you in your fitting underwire swimsuit top!

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