Things to Consider Before Getting Happy Birthday Yard Signs

You must have seen yard signs of all colors, shapes, and sizes during your daily life. Placed in street-facing laws, they catch your attention instantly. They are used to fulfill a wide variety of purposes, from advertising campaigns to special occasions. Birthday celebrations are one of them. Placing happy birthday yard signs is a unique and heart-felt way of expressing your love to someone. It lends a happening vibe to the entire place immediately while also making your loved one feel celebrated and special. But how do you select a particular sign, and what are the things to look for in it? Read on to find out.

Why do you need happy birthday yard signs?

Wishing someone their birthday is one thing. However, greeting people on their birthdays with a colorful sign in your yard is quite another. Whether it’s your mom, wife, girlfriend, brother, sister, or friend, a birthday sign on the yard is an honest token of appreciation. There is also the element of surprise, which is significantly enhanced when they happen to stumble upon it themselves. It is a sincere way of expressing your love, as mentioned above. But also, it becomes the center of attraction. They are also a way of letting your neighbors and other well-wishers know that it’s somebody’s birthday, and they are welcome to participate in the celebrations.

Things to remember while selecting a sign

It should be simple and beautiful

It is possible to keep a sign for birthdays beautiful and straightforward. The way to do this is to avoid cluttering it with too much information. It is meant to catch the onlooker’s attention, and a banner with too many details will defeat the purpose. A catchy and attractive card could contain the name, year, and central message. A good thing is Happy Birthday yard signs are customizable so you can choose your design.”

Choose appropriate colors

Do some study and see what kind of colors the celebrant likes. Request your designer to incorporate those colors as much as possible. Maybe you could have the name in a specific color to make it stand out. Select colors that easily blend with the background as the sign will be sitting in front of your house. Children enjoy brighter colors like blue, yellow, orange, and red, so remember those for your kid’s birthday.

Ensure that the sign is waterproof

Let’s say that you have received the best birthday design for your yard. Everything goes as planned until the weather takes a turn for the worse. What do you do then? That is why it is essential that your sign is waterproof and won’t be destroyed by a shower or two. Don’t let adverse weather affect your celebration or dampen your enthusiasm.

Type of fonts

The fonts play as important a role as the color, design, and space. The font used should be easily readable and be easy on the eyes. Some fonts that go well with lawn banners are Arial, Helvetica, Futura, Garamond, and Optima. You could test the font yourself on a computer to see its look once it is ready.

Accessories, if any?

There are several types of accessories that you can ask your decorators to add. However, the particular addition that you choose should be as per the person’s likes and choices. For example, adding a guitar, piano, or any other instrument would be a great choice if they are into music. Footballs, basketballs, and jerseys are great for sports lovers. Animal lovers will thank you sincerely for having an elephant, tiger, cat, dog, or any other animal for whom the birthday person has a particular liking.

Cost of the placard

Several factors go into deciding the cost of a placard. Two of these are the location and type of design. Decide your budget beforehand and then proceed with the rest of the process. Usually, ordering your card one or two weeks in advance will give you and the decorators enough time.

Is your presence required?

You might have to attend to other businesses or work while the sign is set up on your lawn. Therefore, it would be convenient if the decorators could erect the birthday banner without your presence after you have specified a time and date in advance. Also, ask the decorators in advance if they will take down the sign after the birthday celebrations, the day after, or whenever you want them to.

Water the yard thoroughly

Yard signs, whether for birthdays or other occasions, are fixed into the ground through stakes. If the lawn is hard and dry, it will be challenging to get them inside. You will get the best results only if you water your lawn at least the night before the decoration.

Refund policy, if any?

Ask the decorators if they have a refund policy in case of an emergency, like unfavorable weather. What amount of refund is available, and if you can reschedule for a later date for a specific occasion. What happens if orders are canceled and a time limit within which you can do that?

These are some of the questions regarding happy birthday yard signs that you should consider and think about before getting one for an upcoming birthday celebration. A yard sign is unique and deserves a lot of thought. But, it can really leave a lasting impression on the celebrant and others which shall be worth cherishing for years to come.