Tips for a makeup blogger who wants to grow in TikTok

If you’re thinking about starting your own makeup blog, we’re here to share a few tips with you. Imagine, you’ll be able to share your own beauty tricks and inspire people with creative looks, and we’ll tell you how to make your videos stunning!

To start with, you’ll need the best TikTok editing app, such as VJump, to realize the ideas we’ll talk about below. It will make the task much easier thanks to the tools it contains. Here we go.

Choose the right video formats

In the makeup industry, there are several formats that are very popular. These can be options such as:

  • Quick Tutorials. TickTock is the place for brevity. Show you how to do something cool quickly!
  • Before and After. Visualizing the makeup creation process is a great way to keep viewers’ attention.
  • Variety of styles. Create several videos of different makeup looks, emphasizing how each can emphasize different emotions.
  • Try creating makeup using unusual materials such as colored pencils, glitter, or even flower petals.
  • Characters from movies or books. Transform yourself into a character from your favorite movie or book, showing each step of the transformation.
  • Budget vs. Expensive. Compare products of different price points, showing how they behave throughout the day.
  • Novelty Test. Try new products and react to current trends in the beauty world.

These are just a few ideas you might find useful. Use the TikTok editing app to draw even more inspiration for content.

Create a beautiful background

To make your makeup stand out, you need to create a nice backdrop. Cleanliness and minimalism is the cardinal rule. Avoid clutter. The simpler the background, the better focus on the makeup.

Use the right colors. Choose colors that go with your makeup palette.

Customize the light

If possible, shoot during the day using natural light. It creates soft shadows and accentuates colors, rendering the makeup as it looks in real life.

If that’s not possible, make the light from your face. Place the source in front of you to avoid unnecessary shadows.

Make your videos interactive

Ask questions, engage your viewers, ask their opinion about this or that image. This will have a good effect on your stats. You can also hold polls. Let your fans choose your next makeup or products.

Some more useful tips

Put this into practice to always stay on trend:

  • put tags in the description of your videos that your audience can find you by;
  • be sure to use music to keep your videos from being boring;
  • choose the optimal length of your videos so they don’t drag on and on;
  • make transitions with TikTok video editor to make your content more dynamic.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get started in the makeup vlogging world. Just be yourself, add your own style and don’t be afraid to experiment, and use professional apps to edit TikTok videos and then everything will definitely work out.