Tips for Buying Gifts for People Who Have Everything


Gifting is— whether it is on their special day or just an ordinary day— a wonderful tradition of showing someone you care about that they are special and cherished. From the gift itself to the wrapping paper ad package, we want to make sure that it is something the recipient be excited to receive. However, choosing the right present can be challenging and time-consuming. This is particularly true for people who seem to have everything.

To find that special something the number one thing to do is think about that person likes, passions and maybe even new interests.  Consider things like their music preferences, hobbies, favorite people, places they usually go to when they want to relax, social activities, etc. It may sound like stalking but being attentive to what your recipient likes are is an excellent starting point.

Enough with Traditional Store-Bought Gifts, Give Them Memories

There is nothing wrong if your choice of a gift is something you have purchased in a store. But those hard to buy for people, you might be able to surprise them by simply helping to create great memories with some unique gift ideas.  People love reminiscing about fond memories from the past.

Enough with Traditional Store-Bought Gifts, Give Them Memories

If your recipient is an old friend of yours or a family member, consider gifting them a physical copy of some of his/her memories with you or other events. For example, you can make a customized photo album with shared events such as road parties, sports events, etc.

You can then decorate the album and personalize it specifically for them. Or if you prefer, you can make a pick-me-up jar. Get a jar and fill it with different memories and stories. When they feel down, or they miss you, they can pick out an item and read it.

You can also gift them an unforgettable experience.  Memories, though they can’t be kept physically, is a great lifetime gift anyone will ever receive. So instead of gifting your loved ones or your friends with material things, consider giving them an unforgettable experience. Observe and search: what are the things your friend likes? However, make sure not to ask her, or it would look too obvious. Instead, be attentive. Talk to her without sounding like you are digging out information. Talk about her favourite movie and what she likes about it, a place she loves to visit, an unusual activity she would want to try, etc. This way, no matter how busy or far the two of you are, there are still memories that connect you both.

Gift Them Time

In our world today, we seem to have little time.  Our schedules can be busy and tight, everyone knows how precious time is. Gifting someone time can be priceless and greatly appreciated.

Gift Them Time

Make sure to plan first how to best gift them time.  For example, you can surprise your significant other by them by helping them doing house chores they normally handle.  If they have kids, free baby sitting is always appreciated.  Or just be available and assist with any daily routine.

Buy Them Unique Gifts

Not everyone has the time to make and plan special gifts for those hard to shop for people. And if you are one of them, there is nothing wrong falling back on traditional gift giving.  With the power of the internet you have many options to shop for unique gifts.  Here are a few options to consider:

Amazon Most Wished For Lists –  Amazon keeps their users’ top 100 most wished items by department. The list is updated daily.  Browse around by the interests of the person your shopping for and you may get a few great gift ideas!

Uncommon Goods –  This site has a great options for gifts by all kinds of departments.  The site includes a great gift finder as well.

Ideas lists – For example the Huffington Post has a series of gift guides ranging from gifts for weddings to holiday gifts.

Choosing what present to give to someone who has everything can indeed be a challenging task. But with a little creativity, some research and a little planning you can surprise them with something truly unique that will put a sparkle in their eye.

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