Tips for Decorating and Using Your Garage Space


With a million things stowed away in your garage, it can start looking like the messiest place on earth. But if you really want to make the most of this space, it probably needs a bit of an upgrade.

Don’t worry. You don’t necessarily need a massive renovation project to give your garage a facelift. There are ways you could make small changes in your garage and turn it into a multi-purpose area that looks great and offers even more storage space.

From organisation and space management to lighting and colour schemes, we have rounded up some of the easiest and effective garage decoration tips that you can execute over a weekend.

Cut the Clutter

Minimalism is the new black in home décor. And, it’s a trend that’s surprisingly easy to pull off. It starts with removing all the unnecessary items from your space and reserving only the absolute essentials. A clean slate is often the best way to begin the actual décor tasks. So, spend some time cleaning the clutter. This one step alone might change the look of the space.

Think About Storage

As much as you’d love to keep your garage tidy, the mess often takes over. And the biggest reason for this is the lack of storage options.

To make the most of your garage, shift your focus from floor space to vertical space. No matter the shape or size of your garage, you can always maximise the available space using shelves and hooks that go all the way up. You can use the higher shelves to store things that are needed but not often, while saving precious eye-level spaces for frequently-used items.

While you are at it, another idea would be to create a section that serves as an additional pantry, storing the backup food supply that kitchens cannot hold.

Add Some Colours

When building or renovating a home, the garage often takes the last place on the list of priorities. Painting your garage might have been an afterthought, but this is the time to fix this mistake.

Use a brighter shade of paint to give your garage a personality change. You could even experiment with two or more colours to make a style statement. Throw some greenery into the mix in the form of houseplants, and your garage might look like a whole new space.

Turn It into a Home Office

The functionality of your garage doesn’t have to be limited to keeping your vehicles safe. It can double up as an additional working space. Today, when multiple family members might be working from home, having an extra working space can be a welcome addition.

All you need are a few smart and space-saving pieces of furniture like a wall-mount desk and a folding chair with a comfortable backrest.

Let There Be Light

Playing with lighting is a great option if you do not want to get into hefty makeovers that cost a fortune. Experiment with the sources of light and angles to create a never-before atmosphere. You could pick from a wide variety of bollard lights from OZlighting and install them in specific areas to brighten things up.





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