Tips for Effective Volunteer Management


Running a volunteer organization is not a walk in the park. A lot of effort goes into ensuring that the organization is run properly and effectively, and this is where volunteer management comes in.

In simple terms, volunteer management is a term that encompasses the planning, recruitment, onboarding, deployment, and performance management of volunteers to ensure productivity and the achievement of set goals and objectives.

If you’re in a management position in a volunteer organization, this post will take you through the stages of effective volunteer management, and introduce you to volunteer management software.

Steps for Effective Volunteer Management 

There are steps/stages of volunteer management, and each step has its activities. Let’s explore them:

1. Role Definition

The organizations need to know the roles volunteers will be filling, in order to get the best hands to fit in. There would most likely be frontline volunteer workers who go out to volunteer their time and efforts at different locations. There can also be volunteers who will work in the office.

2. Recruitment

Once the roles and duties are defined, the next step is to recruit volunteers who have the skill and experience to fit into the available roles.

3. Onboarding 

This process entails information sharing from the organization to the volunteer to ensure that the volunteers understand their duties, and responsibilities, as well as what expectations to have from the organization.

The mission and vision, history, values, and work environment must be properly introduced to the volunteer at this stage.

4. Training

It is necessary for organizations to expose their volunteers to detailed training related to their roles and responsibilities. The training can take place on-site or online depending on the nature and time of the training, as well as the location of volunteers.

5. Recognition and Reward

As volunteers begin to work for the organization, it is imperative to carry out periodic assessments and reward volunteers who have worked hard. You can do that by thanking them face-to-face, sending an appreciation message, giving them personal gifts, or organizing award ceremonies.

Volunteer Management Software Makes Your Job Easy

These days, there are several volunteer management software available to help volunteer organizations manage their processes effectively and implement successful projects.

These management systems can help with all your management stages and activities, including application, hiring, training, monitoring, and report creation.

With volunteer management software such as Vome Volunteer, you can streamline and automate several processes to save time and ensure efficiency. This software can help you schedule and manage shifts, communicate with team members, and assign and track tasks and activities, all in one place.

You can measure the effort and impact of your volunteers by tracking their activities and work hours, and also monitor your results to see whether or not they meet the set goals.

If you think your organization can benefit from volunteer management software, the next step is to carry out research to find the software that suits your organization’s needs and peculiarities, as well as your budget.

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