Tips For Kratom Beginners 


Are you going to try kratom for the first time? Well, it is for sure that your head is perplexed by the queries like Do I need to buy it in bulk? Is it safe to use? What is the appropriate time and amount for its usage? Therefore, as a beginner, you want to have a better understanding of it for slow, steady, and harmless consumption. Well, Don’t fret! Jumping straight on the consumption, dosage, and timing. We are going to shed light on the tips and tricks for kratom beginners. Write why it is important to know? For more information, visit Super Speciosa.

Well, Don’t fret! Jumping straight on the consumption, dosage, and timing. We are going to shed light on the tips and tricks for kratom beginners. 

Write why it is important to know?

Tips 1: Have a Basic Understanding Of Kratom 

Kratom is the new wellness aid in the town which is not widely known. So, it will be better to spend a few minutes in order to have an understanding of what kratom actually is. For this, you can get help from the internet or pursue its users. She will provide a basic understanding of this wellness aid. Other than this, you can also try its variants in small doses in order to analyze its effect.

The most basic element you need to understand is the selection of appropriate veins and strains 

Selection of Viens 

Well, there are three basic types of Kartom Viens i.e. Red, green, and white.  Red Viens is determined when the fully mature leaf of Kratom is harvested. It is famous because of its instant relaxation property. Most importantly, It is best for beginners because of its mild outcomes. Similarly, Green veins are referred to the time when kratom is harvested during its maturation stage. This vein is best for the keeping mind at peace and active. Lastly, the White vein is the most powerful form of kratom which is not ideal for beginners.  

Selection of Strains 

Another crucial factor that beginners need to consider is choosing the strains to achieve the expected result. Some of the best strains are 

  • Thai Kratom 
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Indo Kratom 
  • Sumatra Kratom
  •  Borneo Kratom 

Make certain that each strain has its own effect that may vary as per the type you are using. Therefore, it will be significant to spend some quality time to have a deeper perception of the aid. This research will help you to get the desirable outcomes. 

Tips 3: Balanced Intake 

Now after having a basic understanding of kratom, you need to work out its consumption. As a beginner, we advised you to pursue the below-mentioned intake guidelines

  • Begin by intaking ½ of the kratom teaspoon. 
  • Take this amount of aid for one week. It will help you to jot down its effects. 
  • After one week, consume it in ¼ size. If you feel any side effects of it then come back to ½ size. 
  • If ¼ size of the aid does not cause any negative effect on your health, also you are getting a desirable outcome. Then congratulations, this is the perfect teaspoon size for you. 


Do not over-intake the kratom aid because it will delve into your body to counter the tolerance level. That causes a negative impact on your health. Therefore, to avoid this unwanted situation, the best way is to take a variable amount of it. This means that, consumes the same amount after a gap of the days in a week. Or you can take it in less quantity than the actual one the other day. 

Tips 3:Identity The Reason For Kratom dosage 

Before its start, you need to determine the intention of its usage because this aid is sedative as well as stimulant. 

So, for the right intake and to get remarkable results, it will be beneficial to understand your goal. The best thing is that this goal determination will help you to know the right time for its consumption. 

For Example 

If you want to use it to boost up your hormones in order to raise the overall energy level of your body. Then for this, the beneficial time is the morning. Add it to your morning coffee and spend your entire day actively. 

Alternatively, if you want to use it for relaxation after finishing the struggle of a hectic day. Then the best time for its intake is none other than the evening. 

Tip 4: Avoid Over Usage 

It is natural that whenever we try to use a new thing, all we want is the instant result. This approach is applied to the consumption of kratom as well. 

Beginners when trying this aid, they overdo it just for the sake of getting a quick outcome. 

Consequently, they suffer a lot after it due to its negative effects. Even it works as a silent killer and overpowers their health. Therefore, the key to getting the desired result is to showcase patience. 

Always commence by using it in small amounts so that it can adjust as per your body’s requirements. 

Tip 5: Try Using Different Strains 

If one strain of the kratom adjusts as per your body then do not stick to it for your whole life. Be creative and try using other strains as well. There might be a possibility that other strains work better than those you are actually using. All you need to ensure is the appropriate dosage and timing as per your body’s requirement. 

Final Crux 

In a nutshell, kratom is helpful to fight against tiredness and boost up the energy level. And being a beginner, remember to use the appropriate amount at the right time. As you know, excess of everything is bad. Therefore, in order to avoid any negative effects follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy your kratom usage.


Is kratom safe to use for beginners? 

Yes, Kratom is safe to use as long as you are taking it as per the advice of your physician. Means the right time and amount. 

Can I use Kratom in the drink? 

Yes, you can use kratom in the drinks like water, juices, other liquids, etc. You can take it with the tea as well. But never use it with alcohol because it has a deadly impact on your health.

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