Tips for Moving Furniture to Your New Home


Moving to a new home feels like a fresh start for many families and individuals, as you will really have to get accustomed to the new environment while also trying to get to know new people in your neighborhood. If you and your family previously lived in a home that is already quite old and is located in a bad area of a city, then moving to a new home that is just recently constructed and is found in a beautiful location with a good view would feel like a dream come true, especial if your family has worked hard and saved a lot of money for the new house.

However, before you can enjoy your new home, there are some things that you need to do first, and these things can sometimes be stressful and tedious. One of the things that you should do is move furniture from the old home to the new home, and while this process may look simple at first glance, it would start to look complicated once you actually see how much furniture you need to move. To help you with this process, here are some tips for moving furniture to your new home.

Make a Checklist

The first thing you need to do when moving furniture to a new house is to make a checklist. The checklist should include all the pieces of furniture that you want to move, as well as large items that will be difficult to move on your own through a personal vehicle. With a checklist, you will be able to make sure that everything you want to be moved will get moved, as you can see on the list what items you have already prepared for shipment or moving, which may include access mats from or chairs that were gifts from a family member.

You should already plan what pieces of furniture you like to move to your new home in advance so that you don’t have to cram the planning and scheduling time for the moving. One or two months of planning is usually enough for moving furniture, as you also need time to prepare the items so that they would be much easier to move.

Disassemble Furniture for Safety

If you are going to move furniture that is too big to fit in a moving truck or has sharp edges that can damage other pieces of furniture, then it would be best to disassemble them if possible. Disassembling pieces of furniture is also recommended if you want to maximize space in a moving truck so that you can move more items. If the parts of furniture can fit in a box, it would also be great if you could fit each piece of furniture and its parts inside a cardboard or wooden box to make it easier to move and also keep it safe from damage.

Add Extra Layers of Protection on the Furniture

 cardboard boxes and plastic wraps

Before putting the pieces of furniture inside a box or in a moving truck, you should add extra layers of protection on those pieces to prevent them from getting damaged. Bubble wrap is arguably one of the best items to use for protecting furniture, but you can also add plastic films and blankets that are effective in protecting furniture against scratches, scuffs, and dents. You should add these layers of protection on some of your most precious items, like a DJI Mavic Mini 3 drone or your action figure collection.

Use Trolleys and Lifting Straps to Make Moving Easier

To make moving much easier, you can also use trolleys and lifting straps. Lifting straps are utilized for lifting various pieces of furniture with ease, and you can loop these straps on your hands so that carrying heavy items wouldn’t strain your hands, arms, and shoulders too much.

On the other hand, trolleys are used to slide pieces of furniture from one area to another without touching the floor. The trolleys have a platform where a piece of furniture is placed, and underneath the platform is a set of wheels that made the sliding mechanic possible. If you are going to move pieces of furniture from inside the old house to the front yard, you should utilize these lifting straps and trolleys for faster and easier movements.

Hire a Great Moving Company

Hire a Great Moving Company

One of the best things you need to do in order to have a stress-free time moving furniture to your new home is to hire a great moving company, which will provide you with different kinds of services that will make the moving process faster and more convenient. Hiring a moving company can be costly, especially if you will move a lot of furniture, but getting the company’s services is worth it since you can eliminate the hassle or stress that you will feel when moving furniture on your own.

Sell or Give Away Furniture You Don’t Need

Of course, you can’t bring all pieces of furniture with you to your new home, and the best thing that you can do with furniture you can’t bring is to sell them through a garage sale. By selling furniture you don’t need, you will be able to collect funds for hiring a moving company, and maybe you can even buy new furniture that fits the aesthetics of your new home better. If there are pieces of furniture that you weren’t able to sell in the garage sale, you can give them away to friends or family members that may find a use for those items.

So, those are a few tips that you can follow when moving furniture to your new home. We have that the tips we have provided above will help you understand the different processes of moving furniture and how you can deal with them in the best way possible.

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