Tips for Starting a Business While Still Working Full-Time


Running a business is a fulfilling experience for many people, but it can also be very stressful. Surprisingly, there are some people that own small businesses even though they are still working full-time for another company, and this feat is impressive since running a business can also be time-consuming and requires most of your attention.

If you plan to start a business while still working in an office or at home, there are several ways for you to have a much easier time managing or running your brand. Here are tips for starting a business while still working full-time.

Choose a Business that is Easier to Work With

In order to have less hassle when it comes to running a business, you should choose the one that is easier to work with. Businesses that are easier to handle are usually the ones that you already have experience or knowledge of or the ones that you enjoy, like a favorite hobby or a dish that you love.

For example, if you like candies and know how to make them, running a candy store would be much easier for you to work with since you already know a lot of things about the products you will be selling. Start a business that gives you less stress so that you don’t have to worry much about it while you are still working full-time. To boost the popularity of your business, you can hire SEO companies like Ignite Digital to help you market your products digitally.

Start Online

If you don’t have time to manage a physical store, which may really be impossible if you are working full-time in an office, you should just start an online business. With an online business, you can control when you can ship out items to customers, and this process is more manageable since you can already collect payment from the customer and just ship out the products once you finish your full-time work for the day.

Of course, an online business can only be possible by either having a marketplace page on social media sites like Facebook or a full-on website where your products or services (like force gauge calibration and others) are listed and can be bought by customers. While a marketplace page is ideal for small businesses since you can set it up for free and with less hassle, we highly recommend creating a website instead, as you can customize what your online store would look like, and you will have a much better platform to showcase your products.

To make it more hassle-free for you to manage a web store, you can also use various SEO (search engine optimization), analytics, and other online tools. Besides providing shortcuts for various features of your website, the tools can also help you in getting more page views (which can then get you more customers), as well as offer analytics on different pages and aspects of the web store.

Create a Schedule

creating a schedule for the business


Once you have decided on what type of business you will run, you can then start creating a good schedule that will allow you to manage how much time you can spend on running the business and working full-time for another company. Most full-time jobs have a fixed schedule of work, so you can start adding the time you spend on the full-time job to your created schedule and then figure out if you have free time during the day to manage your business.

By creating a schedule, you will have a better idea of how much time you need to save for managing different aspects of your business every day. You should create a schedule wherein you will be able to focus on your full-time job while still having a few hours of running the business and a lot of time to rest.

Employ Someone You Trust

If you don’t think you can handle running a business alone, then you should seek help or employ someone you trust, which can be a family member or a close friend. You can employ the person as a part-time worker that will handle the shipment of products, or you can ask them to become your business partner so that the budget of the business would be much bigger.

You should only ask for help from someone you trust so that you will be sure that nothing can go wrong within the business. It is never wrong to seek help, especially if you are already very busy with the business and your full-time job.

Stay Focused on Your Full-Time Job

home office

When you are starting a small business, you would often forget about your full-time job and lose your focus on it. While businesses are better options for some people, there is a risk in running them, as they may become successful or they may fail. Small businesses aren’t really a secure way to get income, at least in its first few years, when people are just starting to get to know your brand.

So, while your business is still young, you should try to hang on to your full-time job, as it is a much more stable source of income for now. Moreover, if the full-time job requires you to move to Canada or another country, you can just ask for the help of your business partner or trusted employee while you are away. You can learn more about the things you should do before moving to Canada by checking the article provided in the link.

In addition, your full-time job will also give you the money to improve different aspects of your business. Once your business has become more popular and more profitable, you can then decide if you should keep your full-time job or just focus on your business.

Running a small business while you still have a full-time job can be very difficult, but once you pass through the hardships, you will see that the hard work and dedication you gave to both your business and your job are worth it. We hope that the tips above will help you have an easier time managing a business, even if you are busy with your office or remote work.

If you need more ideas, read our 6 vital steps to start your own business.

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