Tips to Match Your Wedding Band with Your Mismatched Engagement Ring for Creating a Complementary Look


Modern men do not believe in sticking to rules associated with wedding jewelry because fashion and beauty seem to be subjective. Traditions, stereotypes, and restrictions could end up stifling your creativity and stop you from expressing yourself. Even though you may not like the concept, there are some steadfast and accepted guidelines, norms, and etiquette revolving around the wearing of your wedding band and engagement ring. However, remember that you could invent ways to break them. According to Cosmopolitan, wearing a wedding ring is supposed to be an American tradition and is not such a popular custom worldwide.

Many modern men prefer matching wedding bands as they think that they look uniform and stylish. However, some men find the concept boring, and they look for mismatched wedding rings for the special ceremony. Mismatched wedding rings give you the opportunity for endless choices, innovation, and creativity, allowing you to demonstrate your personality and taste. Mismatched rings could be the best choice for those who have a unique heirloom that could be upgraded or customized as their wedding band.  A few mismatched rings pictures taken by Legacy Union wedding videography & photography just look stunning.

Sometimes, two different rings could work wonders together. However, there are some dictates about identifying two rings that are different, and yet, they are complementary. Not all ring combinations could work seamlessly, and some mismatched rings could be a total disaster. Getting a unified look lies in paying attention to even the slightest details. Let us explore some tips to create a complementary look with a couple of random men’s rings: an engagement ring and a wedding band.

While two completely random rings may work well together, there are some guidelines about

Consider Fine Mix of Metal Colors

Conventionally mixing metals was regarded as a fashion mistake however, today, it is an effective method of generating intriguing contrasts in your wedding and engagement rings. While it is a good idea to buy an engagement ring made of white gold or platinum. Often yellow or rose gold is pretty popular. You are today having a broad spectrum of metals along with alternative metal options. You can buy rings of different metals, and they could be working perfectly together. Your engagement could be made of warm gold while it can be paired with a sterling silver wedding band, creating a unique and eye-catching contrast. Buy from an impressive collection at EpicWeddingBands.

Focus Your Attention on Mixing Widths

In pre-matched sets, the widths of a wedding band and engagement ring are the same. However, you can choose rings with different widths if you want to opt for the mismatched rings. However, with a little effort, you could maintain a fairly uniform look despite wearing a thin engagement ring along with a broad or wide wedding band. This way, you could be successful in creating a unique combination and a compelling look. You can create a complimentary and uniform look if you use the same metal for both your wedding band and engagement ring. For adding additional contrast, you may choose different metal colors.

Opt for a Classic

A contrasting or mixed look could work well if you choose a truly classic engagement ring such as a diamond solitaire. We know that diamonds sparkle and project a neutral hue. Hence, they are great for a mixed look. A classic solitaire engagement ring is versatile enough to complement all kinds of wedding bands.

Mixing & Matching the Stone Shapes

Mixing the different shapes of gemstones and diamonds on your wedding band and engagement ring is a sure-shot way of achieving a mismatched look. Yet with a little effort, you can keep both your engagement ring and wedding band look complementary. You can use a round stone on your wedding band and a square-shaped stone on your engagement ring so that they look good together.

Contrasting Finishes

When you pair your wedding band with your engagement ring with entirely different finishes, it will create a mismatched look. It could be as subtle and jarring as you want it to be. Some of the common finishes for wedding bands are satin, polished, matte, hammered, and brushed while engagement rings mostly come in a polished finish unless stones are embedded on the shank. You can create a complementary look by opting for the same colored or shaped stones in both rings.


You may not be afraid of choosing rings that demonstrate your style. There are no strict rules or guidelines to follow. You could consider mixing and matching your rings the way you desire.

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