Top 10 Malaysia Side Income Platforms in 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, having multiple streams of income has become more important than ever. Whether you want to save for a dream vacation, pay off debt, or simply boost your monthly earnings, there are numerous side income platforms available in Malaysia to help you achieve your financial goals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 side income platforms for Malaysians in 2024, offering a diverse range of opportunities to supplement your income.

The Importance of Side Income in 2024

As the cost of living continues to rise, many Malaysians are exploring new avenues to bolster their finances. Side income, also known as a side hustle, offers a practical solution. In 2024, the importance of side income cannot be overstated. It can provide financial stability, enhance your quality of life, and help you achieve your long-term goals.

How to Choose the Right Side Income Platform

Before delving into the top 10 Malaysia side income platforms, it’s crucial to understand how to choose the right one for you. Consider factors such as your skills, interests, availability, and income goals. Each platform has its own set of pros and cons, so identifying the best fit is essential for your success.

1. BK8 Affiliates

BK8 Affiliates is a leading Malaysia online gaming affiliate program that offers Malaysians the opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting their high-quality gaming products. By becoming an affiliate, you can tap into the thriving online gaming industry and generate income through referrals.


  1. Lucrative Commission Structure: BK8 Affiliates provides a generous commission structure, allowing you to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the players you refer. The more players you attract, the higher your earnings.
  2. Extensive Marketing Support: The platform offers comprehensive marketing support, including banners, promotional materials, and tracking tools. This support makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience.
  3. High-Quality Gaming Products: BK8 is known for its top-notch gaming products, ensuring that your referrals have a satisfying gaming experience. This quality can boost player retention and increase your long-term earnings.


  1. Limited to the Online Gaming Niche: BK8 Affiliates is specific to the online gaming niche. If you’re not familiar with this industry or your target audience, it may be challenging to succeed.
  2. Competitive Market: The online gaming affiliate market can be competitive, with many affiliates vying for the same players. Standing out and attracting players can require significant effort.

2. Freelancing on Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services. Malaysians can leverage their skills and expertise to secure freelance projects from clients worldwide, making it a lucrative side income option.


  1. Vast Job Opportunities: Upwork offers a wide range of job categories, from web development to content writing. This diversity ensures that you can find freelance work that matches your skills.
  2. Global Client Base: You can work with clients from different countries, providing opportunities for higher-paying projects and exposure to diverse industries.
  3. Payment Protection: Upwork’s payment system ensures that freelancers receive payment for their work. Escrow and hourly payment options offer financial security.


  1. Competitive Bidding: Freelancers often compete with others on the platform to win projects. This can result in lower rates, especially for beginners.
  2. Platform Fees: Upwork charges fees for using its platform. These fees can impact your overall earnings.

3. Online Tutoring with VIPKid

VIPKid is an online tutoring platform that enables Malaysians to teach English to students in China. With flexible hours and competitive compensation, it’s an attractive option for those with teaching skills.


  1. Flexible Schedule: VIPKid allows you to set your availability, making it suitable for part-time or full-time work. This flexibility is ideal for those with other commitments.
  2. Competitive Compensation: The platform offers competitive pay rates, and you can earn additional incentives based on your performance and student feedback.
  3. Access to Teaching Materials: VIPKid provides teaching materials, reducing the preparation time required for each lesson.


  1. Time Zone Challenges: Teaching Chinese students may require you to work during odd hours due to time zone differences.
  2. Initial Certification Process: To become a VIPKid tutor, you need to pass a certification process, which can be time-consuming and competitive.

4. Turn Your Car into a Moving Billboard

If you’re looking for a side income opportunity that doesn’t demand your active participation, turning your car into a moving billboard might be the perfect choice. This innovative platform allows Malaysians to earn money by advertising on their vehicles.


  1. Passive Income: Your car becomes a source of passive income as you go about your daily routines.
  2. Minimal Effort Required: Once the advertising is set up, you don’t need to actively promote or manage it.
  3. Local Advertising Opportunities: You can choose local or national advertising campaigns, giving you flexibility in targeting potential customers.


  1. Limited Earnings Potential: The income generated from car advertising is usually modest compared to other side income options.
  2. Vehicle Aesthetics: Depending on the advertising method, your vehicle’s aesthetics may be affected.

5. Rent Out Your Car for Money

If you have an extra vehicle or one that you don’t use regularly, consider renting it out for extra income. Car-sharing platforms in Malaysia allow you to make money from your idle asset.


  1. Regular Income: Renting out your car can provide a steady stream of income, especially if there is demand in your area.
  2. Utilizing Idle Assets: You’re making the most of a resource that would otherwise sit unused.
  3. Platform Security: Reputable car-sharing platforms have safety measures in place to protect your vehicle.


  1. Wear and Tear: Renting your car can lead to increased wear and tear, potentially reducing its long-term value.
  2. Insurance Considerations: You may need to adjust your insurance policy to cover rental activities, which can increase your insurance costs.

6. Running Simple Errands

For Malaysians with some spare time and a willingness to help others, running simple errands can be a fulfilling and profitable side income option.


  1. Low Skill Requirement: Most errands don’t require specialized skills, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.
  2. Flexible Schedule: You can choose when and where you want to complete errands, allowing you to balance it with other commitments.
  3. Community Engagement: You’ll have the opportunity to interact with your community and build connections.


  1. Limited Earnings: Errand running may not provide substantial income compared to other options.
  2. Dependence on Availability: Your earnings may be subject to the availability of errands in your area.

7. Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, pet sitting can be a rewarding side income platform. You’ll have the chance to spend time with pets while earning extra money.


  1. Pet Lover’s Dream: If you adore animals, pet sitting allows you to be around them and get paid for it.
  2. Flexible Schedule: You can choose when to pet-sit, making it suitable for various lifestyles.
  3. Potential Repeat Clients: Satisfied pet owners may become repeat customers, providing a stable income source.


  1. Responsibility and Liability: Taking care of someone else’s pets comes with a significant responsibility and potential liability.
  2. Seasonal Demand: Pet sitting demand may vary throughout the year, affecting your income consistency.

8. Part-Time Babysitting

Babysitting is a classic side income option that allows Malaysians to earn money while taking care of children. It’s a rewarding experience for those who enjoy working with kids.


  1. Rewarding Experience: Babysitting allows you to positively influence a child’s life and build strong relationships with families.
  2. Flexible Hours: You can choose when to babysit, accommodating your schedule.
  3. Building Trust with Families: Long-term relationships with families can lead to more job opportunities and higher pay.


  1. Background Checks: Babysitting often requires background checks to assure parents of your reliability.
  2. Challenging Responsibilities: Taking care of children can be demanding, requiring patience and responsibility.

9. Renting Out a Room or Property

If you have spare rooms or properties, consider renting them out for extra income. This long-established side income method remains a viable option in Malaysia.


  1. Significant Earnings: Renting out a room or property can provide substantial monthly income.
  2. Property Investment Opportunity: It can be an excellent way to leverage your property assets.
  3. Platform Support: Online platforms make it easy to find and manage tenants.


  1. Tenant Management: Dealing with tenants can be challenging, requiring time and effort.
  2. Legal and Tax Considerations: Renting out properties involves legal and tax responsibilities, which can be complex.

10. Helping Out Busy Airbnb Hosts (aka Co-hosting!)

Co-hosting on Airbnb involves managing properties on behalf of busy hosts. Malaysians can tap into the booming tourism industry and earn money by providing exceptional hosting services.


  1. Supplemental Income: Co-hosting offers an additional income stream while being part of the growing Airbnb ecosystem.
  2. Learning the Hospitality Industry: You can gain valuable insights into the hospitality and property management industry.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Building connections with property owners and guests can open doors to new opportunities.


  1. Guest Management: Dealing with guest inquiries, issues, and check-ins can be time-consuming and demanding.
  2. Time and Effort Required: Co-hosting can require a significant time commitment, especially during peak tourism seasons.


In this article, we’ve explored the top 10 side income platforms available to Malaysians in 2024. Each platform offers unique opportunities to supplement your income, whether you’re looking for a flexible part-time gig or a way to make the most of your assets. As you consider these options, remember to choose the one that aligns best with your skills, interests, and financial goals.


Q1: What is the best side income platform for beginners?

A: For beginners, freelancing on Upwork is a good option, as it offers a wide range of job opportunities and allows you to build your skills and portfolio.

Q2: Can I pursue multiple side income platforms simultaneously?

A: Yes, many Malaysians engage in multiple side income platforms to diversify their income sources and maximise earnings.

Q3: Are these side income platforms available to everyone in Malaysia?

A: Most of the platforms mentioned are accessible to Malaysians, but eligibility criteria may vary. Check each platform’s terms and conditions for specific requirements.

Q4: How do I handle tax implications for my side income?

A: It’s essential to report your side income to the relevant tax authorities and consider consulting a tax professional to ensure compliance with tax laws in Malaysia.

Q5: Can I turn my side income into a full-time career?

A: With dedication and strategic planning, some individuals have successfully transitioned their side income activities into full-time careers. It requires commitment and careful financial planning.