Top 5 Places to flip airtime to cash in Nigeria

A few months back, my brother sent me some cash, and it came to my mind to subscribe to access the Internet. Not a bad idea, after all. I immediately logged into my bank application on my phone. I intended to credit my mobile line with #5,000, but lo and behold, I mistakenly entered #50,000, and all efforts to cancel the transaction were futile quickly. My skin started crawling together as if my skin had just been doused with iced water.

I called my friend to explain the unpalatable situation, but to my surprise, my friend calmed my nerves and gave me a way out. I never knew Flipping airtime to cash had been made so easy. You may find yourself in my situation, do not entertain fear.

However, there are fake websites that are problems dressed with solutions just to scam people. After many background checks, I came up with five authentic websites where you can flip your cash into naira without delay.

5 Websites to flip airtime into cash in nigeria

1. Prestmit

I was a novice when my friend referred me to the prestmit app to flip my airtime to cash, and I, in turn, appreciated my friend after interfacing with this website. The platform’s user-friendly and swift payment gave me the confidence to introduce it to others.

Prestmit app has different features; It’s a platform for fast and reliable gift card trades, payment of cable bills, buying data, airtime, and converting bitcoin to naira, among others. Converting your airtime to cash with prestmit comes with zero cost, and it’s stress-free. Everyone who has used this website has something nice to say about it. Their services are available 24/7, and the app is available for download on Android and IOS devices.

2. GoSub

This trusted platform allows users to flip their airtime into cash.  It is known for its swift payment; the Go sub-platform is also reliable when processing bill payments and data subscriptions. They are always active, and their application is easy to access. A trial will convince you. You can download the app from the Google play store for Android and the Apple store for Ios.

3.  Recharge2cash

This platform is also one of the right places to visit when trying to flip your airtime into cash. When you use this platform to change airtime to money, only 13% will be charged. The platform offers one of the best charges you can see around. They pride themselves on secure transactions with no third-party involvement. With the recharge2cash app, you can send airtime to loved ones and friends. To get started, download the app on Google and Ios stores.

4. Aimtoget

This website has found its proverbial home in Nigeria due to its wide acceptance. Aimtoget app is simply one of the fastest airtime-to-cash converters. They offer multiple charges and no limit to the amount of airtime they can buy with guaranteed prompt payment. The app has the necessary features regarding bill payments and data subscriptions, airtime swaps, converting airtime to cash, data top-up, and so on. The app is available on the Google play store and IOS.

5. Airtimeflip

Airtimeflip makes it easy for Nigerians to convert airtime to cash. It offers a wide range of services when it comes to airtime services for all the significant networks In Nigeria. Using this app is simple, and a few steps are needed to convert your airtime to cash. Also, this platform is one of the best airtime payment processing systems. You can download the app on Android and IOS devices to kick start.

In conclusion, the hope of making life easier has become a reality. In the face of an obvious mistake by excessive recharge or trying to pay any utility bills, the solution is at our fingertips. The above platforms are tested and trusted to provide lasting solutions to the longing problems.