Top 5 Tips to Staff Your Next IT Position

Simultaneous with the growth of your small business is also the increase in the amount of data, both sensitive and not, are also being stored by your company. Thus, the need to hire some people who will be in charge of your company’s information technology department. But, before you even start hiring people, it is best that you identify first what you are looking for exactly. Do you need someone who is a security superstar? Or, someone who possesses outstanding knowledge about a specific technical stuff that your company needs?

Knowing what you need will also help you find the best team for your company’s IT staff.

Know that talent and skill are two different things

The best IT specialist is not just someone who possesses the necessary technical skills. An ideal IT staffing should be a team of people who knows the entire scope of his role as an IT staff. Don’t just hire someone who is skilled in a specific technology or tool that your company uses. But, look for someone who really knows all the nitty-gritty parts of processes and procedures involved in your company’s technical department. If you’re looking for a security expert, look for someone who understands completely how and why security breaches happen and what are the things to do in order to avoid such a thing from happening to your business. Remember that someone who knows the “why”, in addition to the “what and how” can easily learn your company’s specific tech.

Ask proof of experience and certifications

Keep in mind that certifications will indeed help demonstrate a baseline level of knowledge. However, these certificates should not be a replacement for experience. So, make sure you ask about an individual’s experience about the technology that your company uses.

Always do background or reference check

Once hired, this IT person you choose to be part of your company will already have access to any sensitive information about your business. So, it is important that you find someone who can be trusted and knows exactly how to handle sensitive and confidential information. One way to make sure that you hired a credible person is to do background checks. Never skip this process no matter how urgent the need to fill the position may be.

Determine the cost differences

If you want to save on costs, hire a technically skilled, entry-level who also possesses that go-getter attitude. But, if you want someone who has all the CISCO certifications, then be prepared to pay a handsome amount for salary or professional fees. Just make sure that whoever you prefer, this person should not be an overkill or someone who lacks knowledge about your company’s technology.

The need to be a team player must not be ignored

Every person that you hire in your IT department must be a team player. Although there are times when the IT staff needs to work on his own when trying to solve specific issues in the department, since he is already part of the company, he should know how to work well within a team. This way, you can be assured that there will be a harmonious relationship between your IT people and everyone else in the company.

Being able to hire the right person to do the job is not the end of it all. Employers or business owners must also be prepared to provide everything that the staff needs for them to do their job with much ease, speed and precision. This way, you can expect for success to take place which is the ultimate aim of hiring the right people.