Top 6 Digital Trends for 2021

Currently, technology is evolving rapidly, allowing faster progress and change in different sectors. Due to the recent and ongoing pandemic, the digital sector is experiencing exponential growth and innovation of practical and efficient trends.

As a result of this growth, IT experts and professionals understand that their roles will not stay the same in a few years. Considering everything that happened in the past year and the digitization of the economy, here are the top digital trends for 2021. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about character ai.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has already received a lot of buzz in the last decade and continues to be one of the top digital trends since its notable effects are in the early stage. Soon, AI will be used to analyze interactions to determine underlying insights and connections to assist in predicting demand for services like hospitals allowing authorities to make better decisions about resource utilization.

Artificial intelligence plays a practical part in making normal processes such as transcription easier. One of the examples of an AI tool that converts audio to text without human intervention is Audext. Audext app was designed to help users save valuable time when transcribing mp3 to text  files.

The Artificial Intelligence market is projected to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, with worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems scaling $57 billion in 2021. AI is set to create new jobs in different sectors.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Digital transformation instigated by the pandemic has made CDPS more useful for the marketing stack than before. Moreover, their uses and capabilities are still growing and changing in 2021. Currently, businesses must be prepared to transform unified, omnichannel experiences almost overnight as market conditions change. In 2021, companies can comfortably leverage their CDPs to achieve such agility.

Particularly, CDPs with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities can easily help businesses act on key trends faster partly by increasing marketing efficiency. In 2021, CDPs boast real-time functionality that is best equipped to deliver tailored experiences on the clients’ terms and assist businesses in connecting with clients in the moments that matter.

Digital Security

Digital (cyber) security has existed for a while and is currently evolving like other technologies, majorly because digital threats are constantly new. As proof of the solid need for digital security experts, the number of cybersecurity jobs has grown three times quicker than alternative IT jobs.

Additionally, the demand for quality cybersecurity has grown so high that $6 trillion will be spent globally on digital security by 2021. Newer ways have also been innovated to combat digital insecurity that has increased during the pandemic.

Connected Clouds

2020 has been a pivotal year for the cloud since it played a significant role in facilitating remote work solutions. Currently, the cloud has become an essential part of continuing business and is gradually unlocking organizational growth. Global expenditure on public cloud services has been foreseen to grow 18.4% in 2021.

As interactions between the cloud and businesses increase, a more organizational understanding of cloud capabilities is being advanced. The lack of this expertise has been the primary motivating factor for the adoption of public cloud since businesses could outsource the services they could not develop or manage independently. However, as this wealth of knowledge grows, more enterprises opt for independent private clouds to control major processes.

Additionally, 87% of enterprises have currently adopted hybrid cloud strategies, which gives businesses in 2021 the best of both private and public cloud worlds.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The majority of things are currently being built with WiFi connectivity, meaning they are linked to internet connectivity and each other. The Internet of Things can allow better safety, efficiency, and decision-making for enterprises since data is collected and analyzed.

Consumers are currently benefiting from IoT since they can now remotely control their home appliances from the comfort of their offices. Worldwide expenditure on the IoT is forecast to reach 1.1 trillion USD in 2022.

Data Analytics

The abundance of data and its increasing complexity mandates harnessing it for swift and sound decisions. International Data Corporation estimates that by 2025, there will be more than 175 zettabytes globally. Some of the 2021 key trends in data analytics worth noting include:

  • Automation. Automating the process of data recovery, preparation, and blending of disparate data. A top merchant increased its top line by almost $1.5 billion by applying a modern analytics automation platform that accesses insights easily and automates everyday merchandising tasks
  • Democratization. Users can now analyze data independently with the help of the appropriate easy-to-use analytics automation platform.

Bottom Line

It is essential to stay abreast of the latest technological trends as an enterprise since consumers are largely embracing innovative digital trends. The above top digital trends of 2021 are also set to develop way past 2021 into 2022, with artificial intelligence and machine learning leading the tech industry.