Top Reasons To Become A Driving Instructor


Have you thought about becoming a driving instructor yet aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to do?

Are you looking to be your boss but can’t commit high sums to a new business?

Perhaps now is an excellent time to consider becoming a driving instructor. With the BBC reporting a shortage in qualified driving instructors, now could be the perfect time to read up on the benefits that a career as a driving instructor brings. It certainly seems there is a queue of learners ready and waiting for you.

Here Beverly Slater tell us just some of the reasons why becoming a driving instructor is something to consider:


Remember the joy you experienced when the examiner at the test centre spoke those simple words, ‘I am pleased to say you have passed’? Imagine being the instructor responsible for making that happen. As a driving instructor, you can share your pupil’s journey to a driving test pass. Sharing the ups and downs of learning and easing worries or nerves to support them to pass their test and become a competent driver is incredibly rewarding. If you think you have what it takes to teach others, this could be the perfect job for you.

Flexible Hours

There are not many jobs that allow you the flexibility to work when you want to, but a driving instructor certainly is one. You can choose to fit your work around family commitments and only offer appointments at times that suit you, which makes for great flexibility.

Be your boss

As a driving instructor, you are the boss. Whether you choose to set up as an independent or work with an established driving school, you are still in charge of your time. Whether it’s setting your working area or deciding which pupils to instruct, the car you drive, or when you take holidays, this is all possible as a driving instructor.

Job security

Becoming a driving instructor is a little like becoming a hairdresser or doctor. With approaching a million driving tests taken each year, there is undoubtedly a growing demand for professional driving instructors. It’s impossible to see a time when they are no longer in need.

Professionally qualified and career opportunities

You will gain a professional qualification that means something. You will also undergo regular competency checks to ensure you remain at the required standard, reinforcing your knowledge and demonstrating your continued commitment to your career and proving you are doing everything correctly.

As a driving instructor, you also have the opportunity for career advancement, as well as training pupils to learn to drive, you can go on to teach other driving instructors — another string to your bow with the opportunity to earn a greater hourly rate.

Regular New Cars

Another great perk of becoming a driving instructor is many driver instructors choose to lease their vehicle. If you don’t have the investment to buy a suitable car, leasing is an excellent lower-cost entry to earning once you are qualified. Of course, as an independent instructor, you can choose from a wide range of reasonable models and the colour you love. If you are affiliated with a driving school, you are likely to have to comply with their corporate choices, but it’s still a great way to get a new car regularly. When purchasing a driving school car independently, always let the garage know that you plan to use the vehicle for driving lessons to ensure the warranty information given is correct.

Sound like a plan?

If this has you tempted, why not consider contacting a driving school with the expertise and experience to help you become a qualified driving instructor.

Driving your future could be easier than you think.




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