Top Student-Friendly Pizza Joints Worldwide


Pizza has long been a mainstay in college students’ diets because of its seductive combination of cheese, sauce, and toppings. It fulfills appetites and offers much-needed sustenance during late-night study sessions. It’s the ultimate comfort food. Fortunately, there are pizza restaurants all around the world that not only serve delectable pies but also accommodate students’ tight budgets. This post will take you on a tour of the best pizza places throughout the world that are also affordable and delicious.  We are so glad a genius invented pizza!

1. Joe’s Pizza – New York City, USA

Our journey begins in the heart of New York City, where Joe’s Pizza has been a beloved institution since 1975. This classic pizzeria is famous for its thin, foldable slices and no-frills atmosphere. The best part? A plain slice costs just a few bucks, making it a go-to spot for students on a budget. The affordability and iconic New York-style pizza make Joe’s Pizza a must-visit for anyone studying in the Big Apple. Students in NY who are struggling to find the time to visit this pizza joint can offload their assignments to professional writers from Trust My Paper. This agency only works with talented people who can deliver a well-researched, originally written paper for you. This way, students can remain stress-free and treat themselves to a nice pizza at the end of a rigorous day. 

2. Da Michele – Naples, Italy

Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and one of its most well-known pizzerias is Da Michele. Only two varieties of pizza are available at this famed restaurant, founded in 1870: margherita and marinara. Their menu and prices are both straightforward, making it affordable for students. With its fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, Da Michele’s Margherita is a taste explosion that won’t break the wallet.

3. Mambo Pizza – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heading south to South America, we find Mambo Pizza in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This pizzeria has gained a reputation for serving delicious pizzas at incredibly student-friendly prices and among students who study abroad. With creative toppings like chorizo and chimichurri sauce, Mambo Pizza offers a unique twist on the classic Italian pie. Students studying in Buenos Aires can enjoy a slice of Argentina’s pizza culture without emptying their wallets.

4. Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Beddia is an unassuming gem that has received worldwide acclaim for its pizza craftsmanship. While it may not be as budget-friendly as other options, the quality justifies the cost. With a limited number of pies made each day, Pizzeria Beddia’s offerings are unique and always in high demand. Students willing to splurge a bit will be rewarded with artisanal pizzas that are worth the experience.

5. Pizza Pilgrims – London, UK

Pizza Pilgrims in London delivers a taste of Italy in the center of the British capital across the pond. For its Neapolitan-style pizzas, this restaurant swiftly grew in popularity after beginning as a food truck. For those seeking an economical and authentic pizza experience in the UK, their reasonable prices are a great fit for the City of London’s student population.

6. Homeslice Pizza – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known for its diverse culinary scene, and Homeslice Pizza is a prime example of this. This Australian pizza joint offers massive, hand-stretched pizzas with unique and mouthwatering combinations. Students can share a slice with friends or enjoy a whole pie without straining their budgets. The welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices make Homeslice Pizza a favorite among students in Melbourne.

7. Nuposto – Florence, Italy

For those fortunate enough to study abroad in Florence, Italy, Nuposto is a student-friendly pizza haven. This cozy pizzeria serves traditional Neapolitan pizza with a variety of toppings. While Florence can be expensive, Nuposto offers an affordable taste of Italy that won’t leave students pinching pennies.

8. Pizza by the Slice – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of pizza, but Pizza by the Slice is changing that perception. Located in the lively neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, this tiny pizzeria serves up delicious New York-style pizza by the slice. The prices are reasonable, making it an attractive option for students exploring Japan’s capital.

Concluding Thoughts

Pizza is a food everyone likes regardless of culture, especially among students. These top pizza restaurants for students throughout the world give students the chance to indulge in excellent, inexpensive slices of pizza while learning about various culinary cultures. Whether you’re a student in New York City, Florence, or Tokyo, a pizza restaurant is ready to sate your appetite without breaking the bank. So, if you’re searching for a quick, affordable supper, think about stopping by one of these pizzerias for a piece of heaven the next time.

A note about the author – Ruby Butz

Ruby Butz is a writer and a travel enthusiast. Ruby has spent most of her life traveling and experiencing cuisines from around the world. Her favorite food is pizza, so she loves discovering all the best pizza spots around the world. Ruby writes helpful articles, sharing her experiences and advice online.

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