Trunk Organizers Buying Tips: What To Look For


A clean car is a happy car. But how can you have a clean car without a trunk organizer? You’ll suddenly have things flying around every time you take a quick turn or have to brake. The best way you can avoid things flying around is getting a trunk organizer for your car. Whether it’s your shopping for groceries or on a school run, your choice of trunk organizer will definitely depend on a lot of things you do in your life and what you’ll need exactly. Great thing is, you’ll always find the perfect trunk organizer for you!

Here are a few buying tips for when you’re looking for a trunk organizer.

1. Overall Organizer Size

This one goes without saying, the first thing you’d want to look out for is the correct size for your car. Do you need a full dimension, one that matches the exact trunk dimensions your car has or do you want a much smaller trunk organizer for small items? Make sure you measure up the area, especially if you want to adjust your trunk organizer in the back seat instead of the actual car trunk. Sometimes, people prefer to purchase two trunk organizers and adjust them side to side rather than get one big trunk organizer. Having two trunk organizers side by side helps in adjusting them around more to cater your needs depending on the trip you’re on or the car you’re using. Removing one to make room for other things at certain times, adjusting both organizers together in other times. You can find different types of organizers and their sizes on depending on what type of traveler you are.

2.  Adjustable Internal Compartments

Look for ones that usually have adjustable internal compartments so that you can easily adjust the size and number of compartments to suit your requirements. Having a big trunk organizer with just one or two compartments may sound like it could do the work you need, but it could turn out to be a mess. Getting the ones that have adjustable compartments also help in travelling, groceries and event planning, and if you don’t need them you can just remove them and have a huge trunk organizer.

3. Quality & Security

It’s no use buying something that’ll fall apart a few weeks later. Trunk organizers must be able to hold on a great sum of weight. They also need to be designed to stay where they’re put. So make sure the one you want to buy is up to that task.

Make sure the trunk organizer is constructed from quality materials like:

  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Heavy stitching
  • Reinforced base plates
  • Buckles
  • Tie down straps  

Your car is your bestfriend. Keeping your car tidy sometimes seems impossible, but with the right choice of trunk organizer, you can change that! Cars are literally our second home. It’s good to give your car a change and organize it just like you organize your home, without having to look for things triple the time you’d usually take without an organizer. Make sure you look at the long term perspective and purchase a trunk organizer that caters your family situation, traveling schedules and personal activities.


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