Underride Accidents –Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them 


Truck crashes are by far the worst form of traffic accident you may have. Commercial heavy rigs’ weight and size significantly increase the danger of collision and crush injuries. Underride accidents are a form of truck accident. Underrides occur when a tiny automobile collides with a truck and slips below the trailer. Tragically, underride accidents are among the worst collisions. You can head over to highstakesinjurylaw.com to learn more. 

Causes of Underride Accidents 

Underride incidents are not exclusive to rear-end collisions. An underride collision occurs when part or all of the passenger car slips or becomes stuck beneath the truck, whether from the front, rear, or side. 

The upper half of the passenger compartment frequently collapses inward as the car falls beneath the truck, resulting in significant injuries and even death. Traumatic head injuries, including decapitation, are not unusual. These incidents, particularly rear-end collisions, frequently occur as a result of:

  • Poor truck brake maintenance.

Broken brake lights on the trailer can prevent a vehicle driver behind the truck from recognizing when the truck slows or stops, increasing the danger of colliding with the trailer.

  • Poor visibility.

Night blindness, severe weather, and poor lighting can make a trailer difficult to see. If a motorist can not notice the trailer, he cannot modify his speed to prevent a collision. Inadequate reflective gear on the truck may potentially contribute to this type of disaster.

  • Insufficient driving abilities. 

Reckless driving, driver irresponsibility, and inattentive driving can all contribute to underride collisions. Following too closely, being distracted, or using poor passing tactics can all cause a driver to lose control of his car and crash into and beneath a truck.

  • Inadequate underside protection. 

Many trucks are not fitted with proper safety measures to prevent automobiles from being stuck below them. Either the truck does not have any guards at all (side and front guards are not needed for most large trucks in the United States, but rear guards are), or the truck’s guards are insufficient to keep the smaller vehicle from slipping under. Furthermore, research has shown that even the strongest rear guards are often insufficient to prevent high-speed underride incidents or those in which the passenger vehicle collides with the trailer near either corner of the back end.

How many truck underride accidents occur each year?

Truck underride accidents, while not the most prevalent form of vehicle collision, are unquestionably among the worst. According to recent data, hundreds of underride collisions occur in the United States each year, with a sizable proportion ending in fatalities. The actual amount varies depending on the data source and the criteria used to determine an underride collision. 

However, what has remained consistent throughout research is the worrisome number of serious injuries and deaths caused by these events. If you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident, you should seek legal help immediately. 

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