Unveiling PlayStation 5 Storage: Do You Need More?


The PlayStation 5 (PS5), Sony’s latest gaming console, has been lauded for its next-generation features, from its ultra-fast loading times to its immersive gaming experience. One feature that often prompts discussion is the PS5’s storage capacity. The console comes with an 825GB solid-state drive (SSD), but the actual available storage is around 667GB due to the system’s operating software and pre-installed applications. For avid gamers with a growing library of games, the question arises: Will you need extra storage for your PS5?

Understanding Game Sizes

To address this question, we first need to understand the size of modern games. Triple-A titles, like “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” or “Red Dead Redemption 2,” can take up to 100GB or more of storage. Even less complex games often require 40-50GB. Therefore, the available space on your PS5 can fill up quite quickly, especially if you’re an ardent gamer or prefer to have a wide variety of games installed and ready to play.

Evaluating Your Gaming Habits

Your gaming habits play a critical role in determining whether the PS5’s default storage will be sufficient. If you typically focus on one or two games at a time and don’t mind uninstalling games you’re no longer playing, then the provided storage may serve you well. However, if you enjoy having multiple games readily accessible, or you’re an enthusiast for massive, storage-intensive games, you might find yourself bumping against the limits of your storage capacity.

Exploring the PS5 Compatible USB Storage

If you’re looking to expand your PS5 storage capacity at a more affordable cost, using a PS5 compatible USB drive could be a viable option. An external PS5 storage USB drive won’t match the speed of the console’s internal SSD, but it does offer a practical solution for storing and playing PS4 games or archiving PS5 games.

When a PS5 game is transferred to a USB extended storage, it can’t be played from there due to the high-speed SSD requirements, but it can be moved back to console storage when you’re ready to play it. This provides a useful way to manage your library of games without needing to redownload them each time you wish to play. However, remember to choose a USB drive that meets the PS5’s USB 3.0 or later and SuperSpeed compatibility requirements.

Contemplating Additional Storage Options

Sony has confirmed that PS5 owners will be able to expand their console’s storage capacity using certain NVMe SSDs that match the high-speed specifications of the PS5’s built-in SSD. However, at the time of writing, the feature to enable this expansion is not yet available, and Sony has yet to provide an official list of compatible drives.

External hard drives or SSDs can be used to store and play PlayStation 4 games, providing some relief to the built-in storage. But it’s important to remember that due to the specific high-speed SSD requirements of PS5 games, you won’t be able to play PS5 games directly from an external drive.

Managing Your Storage Wisely

While waiting for Sony to enable NVMe SSD expansion, it’s prudent to manage your storage effectively. Uninstall games that you’re no longer playing and consider using an external drive for your PS4 games. Regularly check your storage usage to avoid any surprises, and remember that save files, screenshots, and video clips also consume space, so manage those wisely too.

Looking Ahead

As we look towards the future, it’s fair to anticipate that games will continue to grow in size and complexity, which will put more demand on storage capacity. Given these trends, it’s quite likely that many PS5 users will benefit from additional storage in the long run.

However, it’s also true that not every gamer will need extra storage, and it’s worth considering your own gaming habits and preferences before investing in any additional hardware. After all, each game you choose to install should contribute to your enjoyment and not become a source of storage anxiety. With mindful management and a clear understanding of your gaming preferences, you can ensure that your PS5 storage works for you, not against you.

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