Upsides Of Owning A White Light Arkfeld UV Flashlight


Owning an LED does come with a handful of benefits but the UV light added to it makes all the difference! Where white light illuminates the dark and paves a path watchable ahead a UV light shows what a naked eye usually can’t see. So, having EDC flashlights like Arkfeld UV by a reputed brand Olight becomes significantly handy in a variety of situations.

While tech is growing at a rapid pace, its evolution can be spotted in the advanced functioning of flashlights. With Arkefeld UV making its mark in the advancement of tech in flashlights by delivering cutting-edge features, you can find many modern flashlights at Olight. Capable of illuminating things beyond a regular flashlight, Arkfeld UV comes with numerous upsides.

Once you familiarize yourself with the upsides Arkfeld UV offers, you are sure to get one for yourself! So, without taking any more time let’s intricately delve into the beneficial and technical aspects of Arkfeld UV:

UV Light With Functionalities Of Flashlight

Arkfeld UV is one flashlight with a functionality of two allowing users to seamlessly switch between light sources. Being capable of providing white light along with UV light Arkfeld UV is a versatile flashlight.

Alongside versatile two kinds of light Arkfeld UV introduces two different colour temperatures. With one colour temperature being cool white light for bright and better concentration the flashlight contains a neutral light variant for comforting and pleasant illumination.

Depending on your preference you can choose the variant of Arkfeld UV dual light from CW 5700~6700K and NW 4000~5000K.

Extraordinary Use

Coming with a dual light source Arkfeld UV enables you to utilize its capabilities in multiple scenarios. While the traditional white light in the flashlight is competent to assist you in everyday and outdoor tasks with UV light its use cases are enhanced.

One of the substantial advantages of having Arkfeld UV is its UV light’s extraordinary uses. What are those uses? Well, from checking stains invisible to the naked eye to examining the cleanliness of the hotel room Arkfeld UV is beneficial in many more scenarios.

Some other immensely beneficial uses of UV lights can be done in detecting counterfeit money, inspecting for insects and observing for gemstones and minerals.

Illuminate The Dark With 1000 Lumens

The upsides of owning a flashlight like Arkfeld UV can really be observed in its quality! With a 1000 lumens main white light, Arkfeld UV’s beam can reach a farthest distance of 278ft. The 1000 lumens of max output with the 1808 candela of light intensity enables you can light up a huge chunk of area and make it visible in the dark.

Contrary to white light, 580mW UV light in Arksfield UV has a 365nm wavelength through which you can inspect various objects. The top-notch white light and UV light installed in Arkfeld UV can be used rigorously for multiple tasks due to its 5 brightness modes.

Carry Anywhere You Go

Olight’s Arkfeld UV is compact in size with 3.07 oz of weight, 0.59 in height, 4.33 in length and 0.98 in width. Catering to the needs of everyone the flashlight comes in a flat-shape design. Unlike, round shape flashlights the Arkfeld UV’s flat shape design doesn’t bother or take up much space whether you carry it in your pockets or in bags.

So, without much worry can carry the Arkfeld UV flashlight anywhere you want. Further, carrying around is made convenient by an anti-slip grip which reduces the chances of it falling from your hands. That’s not all the Arkfeld UV has a two-way clip which can be hooked to a pocket or other objects for better carrying assistance while using.

Handy Desing For Convenient Use

Made from aluminium alloys the Arkfeld UV is built through a one-piece molding process. The unique process in the making contributes significantly to the exquisite design of Arkfeld UV. While using the flashlight you won’t be having any sort of inconvenience due to its ultra-thin profile that is designed adequately for swift use.

You will get a user-friendly interface in Arkfield that adds to the efficiency of use by offering quick mode-switching. With a selector and a centre button in the flashlight, you can utilize almost all the features Arkfield has to offer.

Long Run Time

A flashlight’s run time is one of the crucial factors that decide how useful and beneficial it will be when utilised. Fortunately, Arkfled UV has a  built-in 1050mAh lithium polymer battery that can run for 8 days on moon mode and 4+ 110 minutes on 1,000~300 lumens. Charging the flashlight is also convenient with its signature Olight’s magnetic MCC1A USB charging option.

Final Verdict

One of the top-in-the-line UV plus white LED flashlights, Arkfeld UV is an ideal choice for purposes of daily use, detection of stains and ringworm, cleanliness of rooms etc. Further, Arkfeld UV’s powerful illumination with a long run time and handy design for carrying around all add to the upsides of convenient use!

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