Weird and Wonderful: 7 of the Strangest Things People Have Insured


From securing our homes and cars to protecting our health and livelihoods, insurance plays a pivotal role in mitigating risks. However, amid the commonplace policies, there exists an intriguing realm where the unusual finds its coverage. 

If you’ve ever had to appeal a home insurance claim rejection, you may be mildly miffed to discover that some people have been sold policies to protect them against alien abductions. Can you imagine how hard you’d have to fight to get one of those claims accepted? 

Before we get to the details of UFO insurance, however, we have million-dollar moustaches, overpriced legs, and all sorts of other odd policies to explore. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The World’s Most Expensive Legs

During the 1940s, Twentieth Century Fox created ripples in the insurance world by insuring pin-up girl Betty Grable’s legs for an astounding $1 million each. Adjusted for today’s value, that translates to an astronomical billion dollars. It was an unprecedented move, underlining the value of her iconic limbs and their impact on her career.

Sports personalities haven’t shied away from insuring their valuable limbs either. David Beckham insured his legs, feet, and toes for a staggering GBP100 million, while Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football maestro, had his insured for an eye-watering US$144 million. It’s a testament to the immense value placed on the physical capabilities of these athletes.

Cold Feet Insurance

Some insurance companies offer policies that cover feet in a more metaphorical way. These policies can cover non-refundable deposits, vendor costs, and other expenses incurred if a wedding is called off due to cold feet. They generally also cover you if the wedding has to be cancelled for reasons beyond the couple’s control. It’s a quirky yet practical form of insurance, designed to acknowledge the uncertainties and the wild emotional ride that can be involved in the lead-up to wedding vows.

A TV Game Show

The American sensation, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” took an unexpected turn when it was insured against the possibility of a contestant securing the ultimate prize. It seems it’s not just about who wants to be a millionaire but who’s willing to foot the bill for such a monumental win. Apparently, the game show’s creators weren’t keen. 

Super Cigar

Lloyd’s of London – an insurance market known for its unconventional policies – once wrote the most expensive policy for a cigar. Apparently, this cigar was insured by a high-profile celebrity. However, we couldn’t find any sources confirming said celebrity’s identity. Still, the act of insuring such a high-value cigar showcases just how far some people will go to protect their sentimental possessions.

Troy Polamalu’s Luscious Locks

In a quirky turn, NFL safety Troy Polamalu had his distinctive hair insured for a cool $1,000,000. This whimsical policy is a unique example of insurance being used as a fashion statement. We bet the insurance companies are hoping this trend catches on. It’d certainly be a profitable one for them. 

Merv Hughes’ Marvelous Mustache

Aussie cricket player Merv Hughes, renowned for his walrus-like mustache, secured an estimated $370,000 policy on his facial trademark while representing Australia’s national team. This is an interesting example of personal branding and how much it can impact an athlete’s career. 

Alien Abduction Insurance 

There are actual insurance policies that claim to cover you against alien abductions. These policies typically offer coverage for medical examinations, psychiatric care, and even compensation for any lost income due to the otherworldly experience. Good luck proving your case, though, if you ever make a claim!

These extraordinary examples illustrate that within the realm of insurance, imagination truly knows no bounds. 

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