What are the common reasons for rejection of Form 2290 by the IRS?


Every country has its own sets of rules and regulations. One of the most common taxes paid by truckers, owner-operators and trucking businesses is the HVUT tax . Every vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more is liable to e-file 2290 and pay the HVUT tax.

Every year, hundreds of Form 2290 get rejected due to many reasons, like technical errors or form-filing errors. On the other hand, there are common mistakes that can be avoided during filing to prevent form 2290 rejection. They are as follows:

  • Wrong payment details: If you enter the wrong routing number while paying your HVUT tax, your payment will not be processed.
  • Incorrect taxable gross weight: While filing form 2290, you need to enter the correct taxable weight of your vehicle. You can visit a weighing company to find out the accurate gross weight of your vehicle.
  • EIN and business name mismatch: Whenever the person is filing the form manually or online, he/she needs to make sure that the EIN and the business name matches with the details that the IRS has on records. In case a person files the form with EIN errors, they will receive a notification regarding the rejection of the form and the reason why.
  • Missing signature:  This type of error mostly happens when the form is manually filed. The form filer needs to provide the signature at two different places. One on the first page in part II of the form, and the other on the last page of the Consent to Disclosure of Tax section. If the signatures are missing, the form will be rejected.
  • Duplicate filing: If a person files Form 2290 for the same vehicle in the same year more than once, the IRS will reject the return, and the person will receive an error message that says ‘duplicate filing’.
  • Incorrect bank details: As soon as the person starts to file Form 2290, choose the mode of payment. If the person chooses the online payment mode, the details regarding the relevant bank account are compulsory to be filled. Any mistake in filing the bank account number can lead to the rejection of the e-file. If this problem arises, the person has to resubmit Form 2290 with the correct bank account number.
  • RTN rejection: If the person uses the EFW option for the payment of tax. There is a requirement of the RIN, i.e., Routing Transit Number. Any mistake in entering this number can lead to the rejection of the form. Whenever this problem occurs, it is better to resubmit the form by re-entering the correct RTN.
  • Use of new EIN: If the EIN you enter while filing form 2290 does not match with the one that IRS has on records, the IRS will reject the form. This usually happens if you file form 2290 using a new EIN. Therefore, always apply for a new EIN at least a month ahead of the 2290 filing season so that the IRS will update the new details on their server.
  • Duplication error in VIN: VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. You need to enter the VIN number of the vehicle while filing Form 2290. If the user enters the wrong VIN, the form will get rejected. So while filing this form, be careful while entering all the numbers to avoid rejection of Form 2290.

These are some of the common errors that result in the rejection of form 2290. The user needs to be extra careful while filing the form so that all the information entered is correct. Never leave out any information and always get in touch with the support team should you have any doubts. By filing your return before the form 2290 due date, you can avoid penalties and stay tax compliant.




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