What Are the Major Causes of Truck Accidents in Arizona?


According to ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation), there were around 1,480 trucks involved in accidents, 60 of which were severe, causing over 320 injuries.

While these trucking accidents represent a small percentage of all motor vehicle accidents, statistics show that 20% of truck accidents lead to personal injuries and fatalities. Many causes are responsible for these trucking accidents. Some of these causes include the following:

1.Drunk Driving

It is hazardous for a truck driver to drive or operate their trucks while they are intoxicated from using alcohol or drugs. Their vision, reaction time, judgment, and a lot more can be impaired severely, thus increasing the chances of causing a fatal accident.

If you get involved in an accident caused by an intoxicated truck driver, you can file a claim to get compensated through a Phoenix attorney’s help. Learn more about Phoenix truck accident lawyer here.

2.Improper Fastening of Loads

If loads are improperly secured, they may fall off your truck as you drive down the road, leading to an accident that can also endanger the lives of other drivers.

Also, a low-filled liquid load can cause truck accidents in Arizona. Failure to fill your tank before you head out on the road may cause an accident because of a liquid surge.

3.Trucking Company’s Recklessness

Trucking companies accountable for trucks can also be responsible for causing accidents. Besides truck drivers, trucking companies have duties for safely operating those vehicles. Common causes of truck accidents that trucking companies are liable for include the following:

  • Not doing follow-ups on specific drivers’ complaints.
  • Making drivers skip maintenance checks regularly.
  • Not conducting adequate training or background checks for all new drivers.
  • Failing to maintain and inspect every vehicle as per federal regulations.


This is among the significant causes of truck accidents in Arizona. Driving while exhausted will significantly impair your reaction times and judgment, and when large vehicles are involved, it might be a dangerous encounter.

Regulations in Arizona exist – they limit truck drivers’ hours behind the wheel every week and day. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore or disregard those regulations to quickly finish their routes.


Many drivers exceed speed limits or drive faster in unfavorable weather conditions, trying to make more cash and meet delivery schedules. However, exceeding speed limits may put speeding drivers and others at significant risk for injuries.

Speeding is more risky for drivers driving large trucks because of the increased braking distance. FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) reports that the average stopping distance of a loaded truck is around 196 feet when driving at 55 mph. At the same time, for passenger vehicles at the same speed, it is 133 feet.

Parting Words

Any passenger or driver with severe injuries should hire a reasonable truck accident attorney to help with their case. A professional, skilled, and experienced Arizona truck accident lawyer will use all their resources to investigate the matter and determine the party at fault thoroughly. This way, you will get compensated for your losses and injuries.

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