What Can I Use Instead of an Aisle Runner

Like other special events, weddings will likely need special attention to detail, especially with the decoration. As part of decorating the space, there is the need to include an aisle runner to usher in the bride. Traditionally, aisle runners have only been long strips of carpet or rugs, but you can do so much more if you are creative enough. We shall look at the various options as alternatives to aisle runners and why you should consider them. But fast, let us learn a little bit more about aisle runners. 

Pros Of Using Aisle Runners

Aisle runners are quite common in many wedding setups for a reason. They will be good for offering elegance and formality to a venue. You should expect the runners to elevate the venue’s ambiance instantly. You would feel it when you walk into the space. 

Another good thing about the aisle runners is the visual focus they create in the room. They do this by drawing attention to the aisle. It creates anticipation for the event. As such, it is supposed to be good. 

Because the aisle runners are important, expect them to be good for personalization. Users can be customized with many things, including monograms, patterns, couple’s names, and anything else that provides a personal touch. 

The aisle runners are still key for protecting the bride’s dress, especially for outdoor weddings. This is because they can protect you from dirt, grass stains, and much more. Keeping the white dress clean is quite important. 

When you have aisle runners, they are generally good for providing a clear pathway to the wedding party. Guests can find an easy time moving around by following the aisle runners. 

Creative Alternatives To Aisle Runners

Creative Alternatives To Aisle Runners 

We have seen why you need aisle runners, but are there other creative options to consider? Yes. It is possible to have great alternatives, making the wedding space beautiful. Here are the top considerations for aisle runners alternatives. 

Flower Petals 

Flower petals are key in beautifying the aisle and working as aisle runners. Use them by scattering the flower petals along the aisle to offer a romantic and ethereal touch. You have the option of using fresh flower petals or fake flowers. Whichever works for you. 

We always find flower pets a nice alternative since they come with natural colors and fragrances. This enhances the sensory experience and can add a touch of beauty to an aisle. 

Before choosing the flower petals to use, we recommend looking at your overall theme and color palette of the vent. The idea is to harmonize the look and ensure everything is in sync. 

Of course, a person may be more inclined to choose fresh flower petals because of their authentic look and scent. Nevertheless, the fake flower petals are still good for durability and versatility. 

Remember that such aisle runners may be best for an indoor wedding space. Outdoor weddings tend to be affected by wind and other weather conditions, which might scatter or blow away the petals. 

Natural Elements 

Consider exploring other ideas, such as natural elements such as ferns, seashells, and leaves to work as aisle runners. It is a great pick for those who need to bring an organic touch to the aisle. Of course, the same help with texture and visual interest. 

Using leaves gives you a rustic and earthy vibe for a wedding. We recommend them for autumn-themed weddings. Ferns, on the other hand, have a lush and tropical feel. As such, they work best for tropical or garden-themed events.

If you want coastal ambiance, use seashells and other related types of decorations as aisle runners. 

Tall Gold Centerpiece Stands 

Many people have no problem making their wedding decorations look lavish. That is why we recommend also using gold centerpiece stands as aisle runners. If you had a dull decoration, this would be the best way to spice it up with some shine. The vases can be tall, depending on your decoration needs, and be filled with multiple flowers. 

You will also like the elegant and stable look of the flowers if you choose the right stands. They are also quite versatile. So, other than using them as aisle runners, they can work well for wedding receptions and event centerpieces. 

Patterned Fabrics 

There is a rising trend of using patterned fabrics as aisle runners. Rather than having plain aisle runners, you could use patterned fabrics to add color and vibrance to the decorations. They will also help with creating unique focal points. 

For decorating the wedding aisle, you can come across several fabric options, such as burlap, colorful prints, and lace. The lace fabrics are good for exuding elegance and delicacy. As such, you get a romantic and vintage feel simultaneously. 

Burlap is another material to choose from, which should give you a rustic and textured look. Of course, the colorful prints also make the wedding aisle look even better. 

Lighted Aisles 

Rather than using the rugs or carpets, you may consider lighting up the aisle and creating a beautiful pathway for the bright. Lights simply have a way of transforming the aisles and making them magical. Expect them also to create a soft and warm glow which improves the visual appeal of the wedding and sets a captivating mood. 

So, what are the options for lighting an aisle? We mostly recommend fairy lights, lanterns, LED strips, and candles. 

Fairy lights will offer the best choice if you need to decorate the aisle by intertwining the lights into the elements such as pillars or trees. You can use lanterns that are placed strategically for charming and whimsical illumination. As for LED strips, they can be useful for creating a modern and futuristic vibe. 


Aisle runners, for the longest time, have served the role of welcoming people into a wedding space. For that reason, they are supposed to be fun and quite entertaining. There is no need to stick to boring aisle runners when you can use the great alternatives we have mentioned above. Evaluate your wedding theme, and find something that works great for you.