What Do You Mean By Privnote? What Are The Benefits That You Can Experience?


People are so conscious about their security over the internet because of the threat people face. They do not want hackers to know about their personal information and sensitive information. If you also do not want that to happen, then privnote is the привнот you can have. Here the person can write the note or create the note, and once the other person reads it, it will vanish. Isn’t that exciting? Try sending a share secret message now and keep your anonymity intact online.

It is one of the best options you can choose to send confidential information to your workplace and even family or friends. You will not even have to be afraid about anything while sharing information over the internet. It is a free web-based service that will allow you to send top-secret notes over the internet. You can send it so quickly without getting any kind of problem. It is pretty easy for the person to make improvements. Here you will learn more about Prinote and how it can be helpful to the people.

What is Prinote?

Prinote is basically a web-based service that allows user to send their secrets or any sensitive information over the internet without any threat. It is pretty easy for the person to use, as all they need to do is write the note and get it to attract with the link and then just copy-paste that link into the email.

You can send that email to whoever you want to, and once the person reads the note for привнот will vanish automatically. It is the self-destruct message you can send, and even the same person cannot read that same note again. If you are running a business where you may need to send the information regarding different things which are pretty sensitive, then it is the service you can choose. Check out private message for more information.

Benefits it offers

There are numerous benefits that a person can experience from choosing Prinote. It will help them in keeping their private information safe and secure. Not just that but there are several more benefits too which you can enjoy, and those are mentioned here-

Free to use

One of the main benefits that you can experience from this web-based service is that it is completely free. You will not have to pay anyone to use the service. Most people do not prefer choosing the application or service because they may think it will add cost.

When you are already working with a tight budget, you may not want to add more costs. But with the privnote, you will not face any problem. You will not have to pay anything to anyone as it will be completely free.

Safety and security

The next benefit that you can experience from the private note platform is that it is relatively safe and secure. When you send the message; then it will be received by the one person only to whom you want to send it. Once you have sent it, it will vanish or destroy automatically.

Even if you want to send the link to multiple people, then you can just change the time interval for that. Once the time is over, the message will destruct automatically.

Send message quickly

Another thing that the private note platform offers is to send the message quickly as possible. So it will not take much time to send the message. You can just write the note, and the link will be created. Then you just have to copy and paste the link in the email and send it to the one to whom you want to. Isn’t that simple? You will not have to spend so much time, and a person who has not used it before can also understand it simply.


Another reason people should choose the private note is that it is self-destructive. It means once the person to whom you have to send the message has read it, then the message will be deleted automatically without doing anything. It means no one else will be able to read the messages as they will be already deleted. You can find the message not even from the search history because it has been destructed easily.

No password needed

You will not require any password to send the message or do anything. The person can just send the link through email. But if they are sending the message to multiple people, they can add the manual password. From there, you can just set the password so that the person who wants to open the link will have to enter the password at the starting. Only then will you be able to open the link and use it.

No registration

While using the Privnote, you will not have to register yourself on the platform. It means you will not have to share any information. You will not have to fill anything in there. It is safe because no one will know who has created the link unless you sent it to the person through email. When you do not have to register yourself, things become even more straightforward, and you can easily understand everything.

Send the note to multiple accounts

The best thing is the user will be able to send the note to multiple accounts. But if they want to do that, they need to click on the shown option and set the time interval from there. After changing the time, you can send it to the people via email, and after the time limit is over, the note will vanish, and you will not have to worry about anything. You need to tell the people about the time so that they can see the note at that particular time.

The Final Words

Prinote is the best option that you can choose that will help you send confidential information to anyone in the workspace or even to family or friends. There is nothing that you need to be afraid of as it will not let any malicious hacker know about your information.

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