What Does a Tree Service Do and How Do They Help?


Tree services encompass arboricultural techniques for road verges, greenways, and backyard woody vegetation. The work includes pruning, trimming, felling, and stump grinding. Look for companies with ISA Certified Arborists on staff or accredited by the TCIA. They are more likely to be up-to-date on best practices, particularly if working near electrical conductors.

They Trim Trees

A tree service will trim trees and branches to improve their appearance, reduce their risk of damage or failure, and increase the sunlight they provide. These services may also include fertilization, pest control, planting new trees, or transplanting existing ones. Regularly pruning trees, especially near your home or other buildings, is important. Overgrown branches and limbs can fall onto structures, which can cause serious damage or even be deadly. Additionally, branches growing into or pushing against electrical utility wires should be trimmed to avoid future outages or other issues.

For instance, qualified professionals in tree removal Cincinnati, Ohio, will know which branches should be removed and when. Using shears to trim green shoots can encourage more vigorous growth while removing dead branches prevents disease and decay. Remembering that a tree is only healthy if enough sunlight can reach its leaves to perform photosynthesis is important. Therefore, removing the wrong type of branch at the wrong time can cause serious health problems for the entire tree.

They Remove Stumps

Stumps aren’t just unsightly; they also pose a safety risk. That’s why a tree service company removes them. They can use various methods to do this, including stump grinding. This involves using a specialized machine to grind the stump and its roots below ground level. They can also use an excavator for larger stumps or ones with extensive root systems.

The stumps will be gone, making way for new plants and creating more usable space on your property. This will also help prevent unwanted regrowth and pest infestations.

Stumps can rot and spread decay, which invites unwanted termites or carpenter ants into your yard. Plus, they can be tripping hazards. Stumps can also prevent grass and other greenery from growing, making your property look unkempt. That’s why a tree service will eliminate them quickly and efficiently.

They Deal With Pests

The health of your trees is crucial for the beauty of your property. They help improve your outdoor living space and boost your home’s value. They also remove pollution, absorb noise, and provide oxygen. However, unhealthy trees are a breeding ground for pests.

Tree services help to reduce pest infestation through regular inspections. They can identify signs of pests such as fungi, insects, and diseases early to prevent their spread. They can also spray a tree with pest control chemicals to kill the pests and protect its foliage. Tree service companies can also prune and trim a tree’s limbs to keep them from contacting your house or touching power lines and lights. They can also prune low-hanging branches to reduce the chance of pests crawling up them and damaging your home’s roof or siding. They can also use soil injection to inject pest control and nutrients into the soil around a tree.

They Perform Emergency Services

During times of emergency, you can call a tree service to help deal with the situation. Whether the problem is due to a storm that has knocked down a tree or one of your trees showing signs of being infected with pests, they can assess and treat the issue. A local tree service is best suited for these kinds of issues because they are familiar with the specific tree species in your area and the environmental conditions that influence them. They are also aware of the local laws and regulations on the care and removal of trees. Choosing a quality tree service is an important decision that impacts your trees’ health and safety and your home’s value and comfort. So, make sure to take the time to choose wisely. Check testimonials and reviews, ask for references, and check the Better Business Bureau before hiring. Then you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time around.

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