What Internet is Available in my Area?

The availability of the internet is growing massively day by day, which might lead you to wonder, “what internet is available in my area?” With service providers increasing in number all across the United States, it is difficult to find the right one for your home. Even if you search for internet service near me, you come across a comprehensive and often, confusing list. However, the confirmation is made only when you enter the Zip Code.

Having the best internet connection is the wish of every internet user. More likely when it comes to streamers, gamers, and downloaders, they all demand a bit of extra. Speed is the top priority along with other things such as contracts, data caps, and surge in prices. 

If you are still searching for the answer to “what internet is available in my area,” then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best internet services you can find in your area, which will serve you optimal speed and affordable prices. 


Cox is a widely available internet when you are looking to pay less than $120 per month. The plans are well designed to offer you the best experience while streaming, browsing, socializing, and gaming with your friends. One of the reasons why most people go for Cox is its affordable plans for high-speed internet. However, if you are looking for an internet connection in the range of 25-50Mbps, the plans might look expensive as compared to other service providers. 

Cox internet plans offer more than you could imagine. If you are a work-from-home nerd, managing different clients, and need awesome speeds all the time, Cox is the service provider made for you. 

If you are new to Cox, you will be getting promotional prices and offers, allowing you to test and try the service without bragging much. What’s more, the provider closes the language barriers by making its customer service ideal for Spanish-speaking communities. So, if you have any queries regarding Cox’s plan and prices, or any other issues, get in contact with cox servicio al cliente en español. It doesn’t get better than this!


Spectrum is one of the biggest and most admired service providers across the United States. The coverage area of Spectrum spans 42 states including Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, Wisconsin, and New York. If you are searching for what internet is available in your area, make sure to enter your zip code and find whether Spectrum is serviceable in your area or not. 

Spectrum offers dream-like plans and packages for its customers. For instance, if you look at most of the service providers, they often limit the data up to a certain extent. However, when it comes to Spectrum, it allows you to use as much internet as you need without limiting data caps. Moreover, Spectrum does not force you to sign a contract, which allows internet users to opt-out of services without paying a heavy termination fee. 

Spectrum also believes in offering maximum protection and security to internet users. And that is why every Spectrum plan is backed by a free security suite to keep your privacy and security at par. When it comes to Spectrum customer support, it ranks well above other providers. For any assistance and queries, get in touch with Spectrum customer service. 


If you are a rural dweller and fiber or cable internet is not available, then you have to rely only on satellite internet. Probably you are going to face many problems such as paying high prices, limited data caps, and speed lower than fiber and cable internet. 

Viasat is one of the best satellite internet providers offering a few plans to pick from. However, it has got higher download speeds for quite an affordable price, as compared to satellite internet providers like HughesNet. 

Viasat brings plenty of plans with limited data caps, each varying according to the plan you choose. For instance, the 12Mbps plan offers 12GB of data, while the 100Mbps plan gives 300GB of data. Be mindful that the prices are much higher than any other service provider for the same amount of download speed. The downside to Viasat apart from limited data caps and high prices is that there’s a hike in rates after three months. 


Searching for “what internet is available in my area” takes a toll. But not anymore, especially if you live in the areas of Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York because Optimum is there to serve you the best internet and TV plans. The most exciting part is its price-for-life guarantee on plans of 400Mbps and 940Mbps. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about what type of content you stream and how much you download, as the unlimited data caps keep you connected without any throttling issues. 

With limited availability, Optimum only has three internet plans. However, don’t worry about speed as the provider offers high-speed downloads for those who love gaming, streaming, and downloading heavy files. 

Optimum, as compared to other service providers, offers competitive prices. But if available in your area, RCN may offer you better plans and rates. The customer service is not good enough as compared to Spectrum, but still, the issues will be resolved and assistance be provided. 


Frontier is another option when you are searching for the fastest internet providers in your area. Frontier offers everything an internet user is looking for, such as no-contract plans and unlimited data caps. Moreover, the fiber-optic network in some areas is on another level of greatness. 

If you are a rural dweller, you don’t have to search for expensive satellite internet, because Frontier brings DSL internet options for rural areas as well. The speeds might not be optimal, but still a better pick for most of your internet needs. 

Frontier is the best option to look for, especially if you are searching for fiber-optic speeds in your area. According to the scores, Frontier offers below-average customer service from the rest of the service providers. 

Summing Up

In this era, when the internet is the lifeblood for almost everyone, searching for the best provider in your area needs proper research and comparison. If you have any doubts or queries, make sure to contact the customer support of the desired service provider. You might not get the best support, but surely you will be assisted once your phone is answered. 

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