What Is an Escape Room?

Are you thinking of the next fun activity to do with your friends? Are you fed up with going to the movies and your usual hotspots? If this is you, how about doing an escape room? 

An escape room is exactly that: a 60-minute escape from your reality. What is an escape room? How can I complete the task? This post will give you all you need to understand escape rooms.  

What Happens Inside the Escape Room?

An escape room requires 2-8 players to solve clues and hints that are hidden within the room. There will be a list of themed rooms for you to choose from. They can be scary, fantasy-themed, or adventure-based. You’ll have up to 60 minutes to complete the mission and escape the room

A victorious escape will have you looking for clues under rugs, shelves, observing paintings on the wall. Every object is a clue, as well as numbers for combinations to unlock padlocks. You will also be required to solve puzzles and multiple word games. The clues are not always so simple, and that’s why choosing the right team is essential. Your team must communicate well and then shout out once they have found the clue. There is a guide to help you if you can’t locate any clues. Don’t spend too much time on one object, as the time is ticking, and 60 minutes will be over before you know it. 

Escaping requires excellent teamwork, creative thinking, and intense speed. They are fun for families, team-building, or friends. It’s an unforgettable experience as you need to work closely together to achieve the goal. If the room is incomplete, the main point is that you worked together and had a great time. Escape rooms help you share a different experience and form new memories. 

Am I Trapped Inside the Room?

Escape rooms are generally known as being time-restricted and scary. However, you can always leave at any time after all this is a fun experience. If you need the restroom or to step out for a minute, you are free to do so. Just remember that the clock is ticking, so hurry back as soon as you are ready. 

You don’t have to escape, this a fun experience, this isn’t a test. The point is the shared moment with friends, family, or colleagues—not the escape itself. However, if you are the competitive type, there is a list of the fastest escape times. You are not just trying to complete within the time, you are challenging yourselves to come in 1st. 

What tips should I know for a successful escape?

Pick your team carefully and choose candidates that have a different skill set to you. Do we get on? Can we communicate well? Being able to say yes helps when piecing all the clues together. 

Arrive in comfortable attire because his challenge won’t allow you to sit down for long. You will be searching, moving constantly, and the right clothes will help you do so. 

Listen carefully to your host before entering, they will tell you the rules, and they may give a couple of hints. Once inside, split the room into sections and place your players in each section. The more spread out you are, the higher the chance of finding clues. If all 8 players are present, split your team in two’s. If you can’t find something in that section, move on. 

That’s all the information you need to escape successfully!