What Kind of Business Can You Launch Using Web Data Extraction Services?


Online information scraping services are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Business owners globally employ web data extraction bots to increase their enterprises’ effectiveness and profitability. However, info mining may be not only a tool helping to improve your firm’s competitiveness but also a basis for a separate company launch. So, let’s clarify what kind of businesses you can run based on web scraping.

Comparison Online Services

Comparison Online Services

Today, most people worldwide shop on the internet. For example, according to FSM, over 238 million US citizens above 14 years old seek goods or services online. And 90% of those people bought products on the internet at least once in their lives. The mentioned trend is similar for numerous countries globally.

Online consumers frequently employ comparison platforms. This saves time and effort when looking for a suitable product at a favorable price. You, in turn, may launch such an internet service using web scraping software. The latter is able to process as well as structure loads of data almost instantly. Moreover, bots made by reputable IT agencies (like Nannostomus) can work 24/7 without efficiency reduction. That allows you to provide visitors from different countries with excellent services at any time.

As an example, it’s worth noting the platform gsmarena.com. The website mainly offers information about gadgets. Today, more than 72 mln visitors attend this site monthly. Among the prospective business ideas around comparison platforms, experts also note medical center, vehicle, and state benefits matching websites.

News Sites Based on Web Data Extraction

News Sites Based on Web Data Extraction

The Small Business Blog states that up to 3 million newspaper and magazine articles are published daily currently. The USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, and China have the most active press. News companies from these countries post as many as 5,000 articles daily. Furthermore, the world’s newspaper and magazine industry is currently intensively developing. Statista predicts that more than 3.56 bln people globally will read the news by 2027.

Experts claim entrepreneurs may succeed in the e-press industry only if they deliver well-researched and timely information, though. In turn, web scraping applications are able to track the latest happenings and notify you if they find something truly spectacular. Furthermore, data extraction bots can seek loads of trusted info about certain occasions or innovations so that editors may provide their readers with more details on a necessary topic.

Business Consulting Companies Based on Web Data Extraction

First, it’s worth noting the competitive intelligence branch. PwC reports that 56% of business holders and managers track their potential rivals when they are going to conquer new markets. Moreover, Emerald Insight claims that 450 Fortune 500 companies already use CI to become more competitive. Web scraping software is able to collect even hidden info. This makes CI conduction even more efficient.

Searching for Innovative Products to Sell

CustomerThink says that 84% of consumers consider the availability of innovations in sellers’ ranges somewhat or very essential. Data extraction bots, in turn, can track innovative products and collect detailed descriptions of such items. So, you may offer range management services using online info-mining software.

Seeking New Customers

Web scraping robots are able to collect info from e-stores. The latter, in particular, implies getting the contact details of their customers. This allows for gaining a huge audience of prospects. Thus, you may offer bases of potential customers really interested in certain goods or services to e-business owners.

Tracking Current Marketing Trends

You may, for instance, monitor social media for such purposes. Statista states that approximately 4.59 bln people used public networks in 2022. And this number will reach 5.85 billion users by 2027. That’s why numerous brands create accounts on social media platforms to sell their products.

So, using data collecting bots, you may quite accurately determine the most popular goods in a particular branch, general consumers’ preferences, etc., from public networks. Such information allows for developing more effective marketing campaigns for your clients.

Is It Expensive to Launch a Business Based on Web Data Extraction?

Is It Expensive to Launch a Business Based on Web Data Extraction

Prices of online info-scraping bots maintenance start at $90 per month and even less. The exact cost depends on the subsequent things:

  • type of data you are planning to mine;
  • features of websites (capacity, availability of web scraper blockers, etc.) from where it’s needed to collect information;
  • necessity of additional function implementation (data wrangling, info analysis, and so on).

Experts don’t recommend cooperating with IT agencies offering too low or excessively high pricing. That’s due to the first ones often delivering bad-quality services. The second ones, in turn, limit you.


You can run comparison platforms, news sites, and even business consulting firms based on web data extraction. Moreover, online information scraping is a fairly inexpensive service. So, even entrepreneurs with modest budgets can afford to use the specified applications. Experts recommend ordering the creation of data mining bots merely from trustworthy platforms (like nannostomus.com), though. Otherwise, you risk receiving poor-quality software and maintenance services at too high a price.

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