What Should I Put on My Save the Date Magnet?


A save the date magnet is similar to a save the date card. The goal is to remind people of the important date and to clear their schedules on that day. It’s not the same as a wedding invitation, which contains all the details related to the event.

The main draw of these magnets is practicality. More often than not, save the dates cards can be misplaced, especially if you have small kids around the house. For toddlers, the elegant design of the card is like catnip to cats. They cannot resist playing with it.

Is it Necessary to Send Save the Dates?

The practice of sending out save the date cards only started in the past two decades. Before that, couples typically just call their friends and relatives to remind them about the wedding.

With the advent of the Internet, however, it made save the date cards even more important. It is a great way to give your guests a link to your wedding website. This is particularly helpful when you have a registry of the gifts that you wish your guests can give. In recent years, this practice of inventorying gifts has grown in popularity.

Should I Give Save the Date Magnets to All Guests?

For save the date cards, you do not have to send one to each of your guests. For instance, family members do not need to have one. Also, close friends that you see regularly do not need to be reminded on the date. However, if you are sending out save the date magnets, it is best to make sure that each of your guests receives one. At the very least, the magnet makes for a perfect souvenir.

What to Include in Save the Dates

If you have ever decided to order the save the date magnets, instead of the usual card, the next question is, what should each piece contain?

Typically, save the dates contain the following information:

  1. The name of the couple
  2. The date of the wedding (or dates if it is going to be a weekend wedding)
  3. The location of the wedding (alternatively, you can use the area as a backdrop to give guests a hint of where your wedding will be held)
  4. Link to your wedding website (if you have any)
  5. Note saying that a formal invitation will follow

Remember, you do not have to put in there all the details of your wedding. Save the date magnets and cards are different from wedding invitations.

When Should I Send My Save the Date?

Wedding etiquettes would tell you that you send out save the date magnets four months before the big day. For destination weddings, you should already remind your guests at least eight months prior to the event. That should be enough time for your guests to save money and request time off from work, so they can be there at your wedding.

For your ‘save the date’ magnets needs, there is no place to go but Magnet Street. They make the whole process easy, particularly for couples who have no idea what their save the date will look like. You can just pick from their templates and themes, and allow their digital experts to make their magic.

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