What to Consider When Choosing a Medical School


Getting accepted into a medical school can be particularly difficult, and it’s a huge achievement when one gets into more than one school.  The next stage can be overwhelming, with aspiring doctors getting confused by their options.

Since this will be one of the biggest investments in your life, it’s only sensible to take time to pick the right medical school for you. But what criteria do matter in the long run? Here are some considerations to make when choosing medical schools, such as Caribbean medical schools.


You will spend a couple of years living in the area where the medical school is located; therefore, ensure it’s somewhere you will be happy living. Consider the region’s climate, subculture, and demographics as these factors could affect your studies.

Also, consider the region’s setting. Do you prefer living in a rural or urban setting? Do you like to live in a big city or a small town? Lastly, if you prefer having your family nearby, it would help pick a school closer to home.

Type of medical school

Medical schools are either private or public. Public schools give preference to applicants who reside in that state and may make up the bigger percentage of the class in that medical school. Some public schools, however, accept some applicants from out of state.

Private schools don’t prioritize based on the state of residence. To increase your admission chances, focus on public schools in your state and private ones in other states.


It’s every medical school’s goal to train you to become the best doctor. While the material you learn is similar in every school, it would be best to pick a school where you can learn best.

There are two types of curriculums in medical schools: traditional and new curriculum. Consider your pre-clinical education and figure out which kind of curriculum works best for you.

Student life

First, consider the class size. Do you enjoy small groups or larger ones? Do you prefer small groups where you get to know everyone in the class, or would you like privacy?

Secondly, what services are available to students? Is this a place you can be comfortable in for the next four years? Since you will be spending a lot of time in medical school, you might as well enjoy it.

Lastly, are the students well supported in the school? Is the social setting conducive to live in and study? Trust your feelings and only choose the school you feel most comfortable with.


How much debt do you want to accrue? It’s hard to graduate from a medical school without debt, and the amount of debt you accumulate will impact your life and your family’s. While you can get a great education at any medical school you attend, the cost you are comfortable with will entirely depend on you.


It’s no secret that the school you choose will affect the quality of your training and future career opportunities. This is why it would be best to consider the school’s reputation and its quality of education.

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