What to do when an employee suffers personal injury?

As a business owner, you may not be concerned about it – an accident of 1 of your employees. After all, you are busy with your business. But it can happen to any entrepreneur, a long-term sick employee. Every country has different rules on how to deal with a sick employee. In some countries like the Netherlands, you must continue paying your employee for several years, while in others this is not the case.

But even if you have absenteeism insurance, as an employer you will always suffer losses because of a sick employee. Because you need a replacement, and you also have to pay his/her salary. The question is then what you can do to recover the damage you suffer as an entrepreneur because 1 of your employees is disabled for work for a long time.

Disability due to an accident

It can happen to anyone – an accident. Whether it is a dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet)), an accident in traffic or a fall over a paving stone, an accident can leave someone with serious and sometimes even permanent injuries. As a result of these injuries, all kinds of complaints often arise, which in turn cause limitations. These include no longer being able to perform household chores, having to outsource house maintenance and being unable to work.

Therefore, if someone is injured in an accident, damages are often caused. If someone else is responsible for causing the accident, such as a dog owner in the case of a dog bite, they are entitled to personal injury compensation. To recover this, the injury victim can hire a personal injury lawyer. (Dutch: letselschade advocaat) This will ensure that all damages are recovered, from material damage to compensation for pain and suffering.

What can I claim as an employer?

Not only the victim can claim personal injury against the liable party, but in many countries, it is regulated that others are also entitled to compensation. Often, these people include the victim’s employer. Because as an employer, you often must continue paying the salary of the sick employee. This while there is no work left against this salary. This is called displaced damage.

Are you, as an employer, suffering damages because of a sick employee? Then it is always a good idea to check whether there is a liable person who must pay for the damage. Is there? Then you may be able to hold this person liable. A personal injury lawyer can advise you on this.

Regulations are different in every country, but a personal injury lawyer will know exactly what you are entitled to. For example, an employer in the Netherlands can recover from the liable party the net continued salary and reintegration costs. For example, the costs of a company doctor or for aids such as an adapted chair.

So, are you an employer and dealing with a sick employee due to a dog bite or traffic accident? Then get well-informed about your options for taking recourse. It can save you a lot of money.