What to Know When Taking Legal Actions Against Responsible Parties After a Las Vegas Truck Accident


If you share the road with a commercial truck, you may want to give it lots of room to avoid a collision. However, sometimes, the negligence of the truck driver or other parties can lead to an accident. If you are in this situation, you need to speak with a Traffic accident lawyer in Las Vegas, so you can understand your rights and know what to do when taking legal actions against the responsible parties. 

What a Truck Accident Lawyer Will Do

After sustaining an injury in a truck accident, you must have a skilled attorney advocating for you. A good attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident, collect crucial evidence to prove how the crash took place and how caused it, review your medical records, hire experts to help bolster your case, and negotiate with insurers. 

Usually, insurers do not want to negotiate a settlement in good faith. They can be represented by a team of lawyers who want to protect the companies’ bottom line. These parties may blame you for the crash and question your injuries. If this occurs, your attorney can take your case to court and represent you before a jury. 

The Dangers Associated with Oversized Load Trucks

In the state of Nevada, trucks that have a gross weight of more than 80, 000 pounds can only run on the road with an oversized load permit. Sometimes, these trucks should be accompanied by escort cars. An oversized load truck should comply with additional safety regulations due to its size and tendency to create hazards for other motorists on the road. These trucks are dangerous as they require a longer distance to fully stop, travel on poorly maintained roads or cannot bear their weight or the weight of their load, and carry improperly secured loads. 

Accidents that involve oversized load trucks can lead to catastrophic effects. Other motorists can sustain traumatic brain injuries, back and spine injuries, burns, broken bones, and death. If you have sustained a serious injury in this type of accident, you need to work with a skilled attorney who can help you secure maximum compensation for your injury and resulting damages. 

The Worth of Your Case

Each truck accident case and injury is unique. Thus, there is no specific formula to use to calculate your case’s value. To determine an accurate claim value, you need your attorney’s skill, diligence, and experience. Your truck accident attorney will collect facts and documentation, looking at factors such as the seriousness of your physical injuries, pain and suffering, medical treatment costs, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and property damage. 

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